Verbatim DVDR: Advanced AZO vs Super AZO

Verbatim has been using Super AZO for high speed CDR. Recently, Super AZO is also used for 8X DVDR. Which one is better for DVDR?

Pure marketing hype.

Verbatim Media - now featuring Super Advanced Marketing Hype?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Verbatim 16X DVDR uses Advanced AZO+; 8X DataLife Plus DVDR uses Advanced AZO.

Recently, Taiwan made Verbatim 8X DVDR(MCC media code manufacture by CMC/Prodisc) is labelled to use Super AZO which originated for high speed CDR.

Verbatim tends to use Super AZO for budgeted series instead Advanced AZO.

The dyes on the 8x DataLifePlus are the same as on the Taiwan 8x discs that don’t say DataLifePlus; they have the same media codes and even stamper serials at times. For instance, I’ve had CMC-made DataLifePlus 8x DVD+R (MCC003) with a stamper serial of ZD1331-DVR-X47B, and some plain Verbatim 8x DVD+R, same media code and same stamper serial; there is no reason to think there is any difference between the discs other than the branding. Verbatim USA doesn’t use the Advanced AZO+ label for the 16x media; it just calls them Advanced AZO, but they’re the same discs as those sold in Europe that do say AZO+. It’s all marketing; the only real difference I’ve seen is the old deep blue dye for the 1-16x CD-Rs and the more greenish-blue dye used for the 24-52x discs.