Verbatim dvd

Is there any differences in burn qualities between Verbatim MCC 03RG20 and MCC 004 dye? Philips SPD 2410BD burner (Lite-On SHM-165P6S ). They are both rated to 16X speed and made by CMC

MCC 004 is liked by more burners than MCC 03RG20 is. Just try it! :wink:

I’ve never tried using MCC 004 but I can tell you that there are some bad batches of MCC 03RG20 around. They sometimes leave spots on the recorded area of the disc which becomes an immediate coaster.

Beware of the bad batches because it’s hard to get good burn results from those discs.

I’d like to know where these bad batches were made.
Do you happen to have the cakebox here to detect whether they’re CMC or Prodisc?

Further to MCC03RG20 discs, I open up one cakebox and found a circular ring about 1mm away from the end of the recording area. It is blueish in color. It is present in all 25 disc. I’ve checked my MCC 004 ones and they are free of this blemish. Should I be concern? I’ve burned one of these blemished disc.

Well if you already burned one of them, maybe you can check the quality and tell us? :slight_smile:


They’re Made in Taiwan - a 25 spindle cakebox.

I still have the cakebox but I have no idea on how to identify whether they’re CMC or Prodisc. :confused:

heres a very good example

I just had a look at the cakebox.

According to the above link, they’re definitely Prodisc.

Don’t forget to check whether the hub codes start with MAP or not.
If they start with MAP they’re CMC.

CMC has released a limited small number of Prodisc-style cakeboxes, with the Prodisc-typical Taiwanese recycling sign, with Verbatim Pearl White series, and some TDK 16x media.

Hub codes? How do I find that out?

The transparent inner ring has codes stamped or printed into it.

You mean the inner ring of the blank disc, right?

If so, then I guess I might go and have a a look.

Here is my scan of MCC 03RG20 using Philips SPD2410BD burner. Any comments

It’s okay. There are two ugly PIF clumps though.
If the TRT is ok, then the PIF clumps should be a non-issue, they are most likely caused by dust or dirt.