Verbatim dvd-rw will not format in my lg dvd player



I have recently bought dvd-rw verbatm discs to record stuff of the tv. Unfortunately they will not format, at the same time i bought some verbatim dvd-r discs and these are fine. different speeds but this does not make a difference does it? :slight_smile:


What are the respective disc speeds, Helen, and what is the make and model number of your LG machine?

You do know you have to format the -RW as either -VR or DVD-Video mode…?


Model No DR4810. The -RW discs that will not format are x 4. The -R discs that do work are x16. My DVD player won’t let me format them in any mode!


Hmmm… there’s quite a few comments over on VideoHelp about the same problem. I can only suggest you try to find some 1x speed -RWs.


Yup, your standalone (not player) cannot handle those discs.


I’ve been to Videohelp and have found out my DVD is very choosy over the -RW discs it will take, must be a woman! Thanks for all your help.