Verbatim DVD+RW not recognised by burners



I’ve a Verb 4x DVD+RW that got corrupted when a burn stopped part way through & is now not recognised by any of my burners - NEC,Benq , LG & Liteon.

The burner just keeps flashing away as though it’s trying to identify the disc & eventually times out/gives up.

I’m guessing that it’s heading for the bin but I thought I’d ask if anyone has any ideas.


Repeated quick and full erase cycles will sometimes recover a RW, using CDspeed or Nero usually. If the disc is completely ignored by the drive, it’s probably a gonner. One last-ditch effort might be to leave the disc face-up in the sun for a while.


Problem solved. An old Liteon burner I have was able to recognise the disk & so I was able to do a full erase.

BTW the leave in the sun option was a non-starter as the UK is very overcast currently. :slight_smile:


Better format them using DVDInfo.