Verbatim DVD-RW 6x poss at 4x?

I stupidly bought some 6x Verbatim DVD-RW, happily forgetting that my NEC-2500 can only really do 4x. Not that big a deal, however, it will only let me burn them at 2x. It does say 6x/2x on the case, but why won’t it let me burn it at 4x? What’s stopping it? Anyway to change this or am I stuck at 2x?

The firmware does not fully support the discs correctly.
That’s what is stopping it.

Try updating to the newest version on the NEC website.

Yeah using the newest firmware (1.0A). Presumably the disc ‘tells’ the writer which speeds are possible (seeing as it states 2x/6x on the box).
Seems a strange combination of speeds?

if i were you its better to choose low speed before recording…just to make sure your recording will be going alright (for safety). Acceptable explanation why you’ve only 2x burning speed is that the drive probably found optimum power on 2x and decide to burn rather than taking the risk of 4x recording. Its better also to try other brand of high speed dvd-rw to validate if they have same results.

My guess is that the firmware cannot identify the media ID and dropped to a default setting of 2X. I would worry about the burn quality given that the drive does not really know what it is burning.

I would guess that the 6X/2X designation is part of Verbatim’s announced change towards a “one disc does all” policy. They are dropping 8X media and carrying only 16X which will be advertised as burning at any speed. No doubt this is how they are choosing to represent their RW media.

My LG GSA-4163 writes these at 2x, 4x and 6x (although I always choose 6x, of course) and does so very well. Scanning with BenQ 1620 produces a 97 QS every time, although the PIE values rise considerably over time.

I was not saying that these were bad discs at all. I am sure they are great. It is just that when a firmware uses a default strategy it is very likely not the most optimal burn quality. When these finally become available and I run out of RICOHJPNW11 I will most likely buy them.

So that’s the reason why MCC 03RG20 for example has such an incredibly wide speed tolerance??!!

I can only applause. GREAT policy :bigsmile: - but they should apply it as soon as possible to their +R 16X discs (MCC004) :rolleyes: - these are definitly not “one disc does all” :disagree:

I suspect that this is very much dependent on firmware. MCC 004 burns well for me in my Sony RDR-HX910 HDD/DVD recorder at real-time recording speed and also in my NEC ND-3500AG at 2.4x speed, whereas Verbatim 8x DVD-R MCC 02RG20 (not 03RG20) is horrible at 2x in my NEC drive.

Probably. But 03RG20 seems to be “speed compliant” over a much wider selection of drives than MCC004, which seems to hate lower than 12X speeds on several burners.

This is from limited feedback, I confess. But it’s the same in my drives (Pioneer 109, Nec 3540A and 4550A). My 109 can’t burn MCC004 under 12X without huge problems (even failed burns). Not that I’d like to, though. I was just testing.

Whatever. If Verbatim achieves this policy, this is a clever commercial move :clap: because there are so many people out there that still burn at lower speeds, either because they have older burners or because they stubbornly follow the very questionable “the slower the better” rule.

Also for @1X standalone recorders it would be handy. Though I haven’t tried 03RG20 yet with my own JVC-DRM10. I’m gonna do this rightaway actually, I’m very curious.

Kinda off-topic… :o - sorry :flower: