Verbatim dvd-rs - how can this guy be selling them so cheap?!



Hey guys,
Walking through town yesterday I noticed there is a little computer shop opened in a laundrette of all places?! Anyways, I was looking through the window and spotted some verbatim 100x spindles priced up at £12! I enquired about them and he said he had plenty more, opening up a suite case full of spindles…

I bought a pack and brought them home to try out and they’re fine… MMC 0RG20 dye, and they’re speed testing and verifiying ok so it’s not duff stock or anything… I went in today and bought the other 3 spindles he had, and he asked if I want more, saying he could get me 10, 50, 100 whatever I wanted. How can this guy be selling them so cheap and making a profit? Even online they are nearly twice this price…

They’re in the older purple packaging with a foam circle (opposed the new blue and orange colours) so the only thing I can think of is that they’re old stock from somewhere… Surely though suppliers do not sell them this cheaply in such small quantities?

Any ideas?


No idea but you got deal of the century for here in the UK :eek:

Check the codes around the hub of one of the discs, and post it here so we can make sure it’s genuine :slight_smile:


Here you go -

7031 521-r E F 06657 (on innermost clear ring)
ZD9014-DVR-J47C1 (printed in outer blue ring)

I’ll check the other spindles now and post if I find any different codes.

Be interesting to see if they’re genuine or not… He was offering me to try the bulkpaq and generic silver tops (which he had priced the same) I don’t think he knows himself that they’re premium quality discs as opposed to cheapies…


Genuine. Made by Moser Baer. :slight_smile:


Different codes on the others -

7031 513-R E A 22386


That’s a relief! I assume Moser Baer is the factory/plant they’re made at? How did you check that Albert?


7031 513-R E A 22386
–general hub code format for all media made by Moser Baer India, including the media that MBI makes for Verbatim

–general stamper code format for all Verbatim/Mitsubishi Checmicals media


Thanks :slight_smile: I have had 8cm verbs in the past using this dye, but never regular dvd-rs. How does it compare quality wise to taiyo yuden? I usually use TYG03s


Are they 16x rated? 8x rated?

It would be possible to tell from the media code, but “MMC 0RG20” is incorrect or a typo.


16x. You’re right it’s a typo, should read -

MMC 03RG20


MBIL-made Verbies have been excellent for me (+R though, MCC004). :slight_smile:


Scored 91 on nero discspeed quality, so must be pretty decent :slight_smile: Cutting back to original question though… Assuming now they are legit/genuine… How can this guy sell them at this price and make money?


From my understanding, most people consider MCC 03RG20 to be of a higher quality than TYG03, though this depends on whether people get a better batch of 03RG20 or TYG03.

I recommend you do your own testing with your own batches to see how the two compare. :wink:

EDIT: a day late and a dollar short. :doh:

Could be that the person got them on sale from a warehouse or somewhere. Maybe a clearance sale?


And where did you find this :):):)???


[QUOTE=jubjubbird;2097807]And where did you find this :):):)???[/QUOTE]

LOL, I was wondering the same thing :wink:


i know where the gentleman in the shop got them from too :wink:


[QUOTE=marcus_667;2098054]i know where the gentleman in the shop got them from too ;)[/QUOTE]

Oh, the plot thickens…:bigsmile:


Thats an extremely good deal for the UK. Definately don’t bin them. BTW, my advice is to check the “Made In…” on the side of the Verbatim packaging as well as the hub codes to help verify the manufacturer(s) and help ensure they’re legitimate :slight_smile: