Verbatim DVD+R

Cheapest I have found so far is £20.92 for a 25 spindle from

If you pay over £25 (Throw in some other item to tip it over, or buy 2 spindles) delivery is free.

Anyone seen any cheaper?

Only interested in either MCC, TY or Ricoh media at presetn as most other media is so so.

These might be made my CMC, not MCC. MCC’s capacity isn’t that big, so they outsource a lot.
Price is £17.01inc vat for a 25 spindle of x4 +R
Delivery is extra though

OK found cheaper. 25x 4x Verbatim DVD+r or DVD-r £19.35 including vat and delivery from

Not bad!

EDIT: Oops! Sorry you got there before me :slight_smile:

Those verbatims are actually pretty good. I’ve gone through 100 of them so far without one coaster. I use G04’s now though.

My media choice after trying many is Imation. They are rated 4x and burn at 6x on my NEC 2500A

Burn Baby Burn

But are the verbs at ebuyer or Amazon MCC or TY ? Because I wouldnt thank you for CMC. I wouldnt dirty my hands with their crap. I’ve had problems with their poor quality too damn often. I’d prefer Princo to CMC ! But for some reason, Mitsubishi DO outsource to CMC, so I for one am very dubious just in case I’m unlucky and get the wrong manufacturer.