Verbatim dvd+r

Hello everyone,
I just bought a pack of 25 verbatim dvd+r 4.7gb from ebay. I checked all the code and they’re ZE4939-DVDR-T47D and PAPA26RA05175043. I use dvd identifier and it said those discs are MCC 003

Actually I don’t know why i can’t find any post with this code, i think this verbatim is not good. Please help me with this case :(. And can you show me where can I check the origin of those discs.


Genuine Verbatim media. Made by CMC Magnetics (the PAPA… code indicates this).

Why do you think they aren’t good discs?

There are posts on the forum that talk about this media, but I must admit, it’s easy to get lost trying to search for them. :iagree:

Thank you so much. But this disc is made by mitsubishi not cmc magnetics :frowning:

Verbatim is the brand owned by Mitsubishi, but the discs themselves are made in factories all over the world. Your particular discs are made in one of the CMC Magnetics factories in Taiwan, but Verbatim have also been made in India, UAE, Japan and Singapore.

The Verbatim discs are made to Mitsubishi’s specifications, using their dye, so these are not run of the mill CMC Magnetics discs.