Verbatim DVD+R

The local store where I verbatim DVD just moved from another location.
Then I tried buying a spindle from another store. This one looks different than my previous discs.

The ID of my DVD’s is starts with MCC.
The ID of new ones is AML-003-01.

Are this legitimate verbatim discs?
Same quality as my previous one or should I return them?

Help me please.

Are they named “datalife” or “DataLife PLUS”??

No there are no marks of datalife or DataLife PLUS in the spindle nor disk.

Where are you located? Verbatim in some areas (North and South America come to mind) have been known to sell non MCC media.

In the USA, I believe it is called ‘Life Series’

I have the same DISC ID from a spindle of AMAZON BASIC DVD+R Discs. I think they are just re-branded Verbatim discs.

What’s the Verbatim number of those spindles? Should be 43xxx, e.g. the labled 50-pack is #43550.

Amazon Basic DVD recordable in the past were manufactured by UME China. Some of the Verbatim Life series (non-AZO budget Verbatim) also were manufactured by UME.