Verbatim DVD-R

I tried quality test on several new Verbatim DVD-R. I was shocked. With other Verbatim DVD+R reaching PI errors max to 40, on these DVD-R got following results:

What do you think, is it fake? I’ve never heard of fake Verbatim.

Some time ago there were a report of fake Verbatim media. Sorry, right now I can’t find the link of the thread.

However, NEC drives are not reliable for scans.

NEC drives are not very good DVD scanners, and the scanning speed can make an enormous difference. Unfortuntaley there is no single speed that works well for all drives of the same model, except perhaps 1x.

Try scanning at a different speed on your NEC 4550. The least crazy results on my NEC 4551 are at 12x and 1x scanning speeds, while 5x and 8x are completely ridiculous.

As for fake Verbatims, they do exist. Check out this thread:

Help us to identify the source of fake Verbatims

Have a look at the manufacturer (next to or below the bar code). If it reads “Made in India”, keep your hands off …

It is made in Taiwan.
I will try 12x speed and post the results.

It’s not that simple. :disagree:

My best Verbatim 16x DVD+R (MCC 004) media ever is Made in India. I’ve had no other media better than this batch of MCC 004 Made in India.

Unfortunately the worst DVD media I currently have is also Verbatim 16x DVD+R (MCC 004) Made in India.

So the problem isn’t that they can’t be excellent, but that they can also be really bad.

NEC gives much better results for the same DVD at 12x:

Why such difference on the same DVD at 5x and 12x.

Anyway for DVD+R I mentioned before, 5x and 12x gives good results. :slight_smile:

For some reason, I noticed that NEC 3540/4550/4551 drives tend to show much lower PIE figures in scans of +R than of -R.

Another way to put it: they read +R with more ease.

Another way to put it: the reading process of -R produces more low-level reading errors in NEC drives.

Another way to put it: most -R discs would look better (PIE figures) in LiteOn, Benq and Plextor drives.

Another way to put it: allow more room for PIE variation when scanning in NEC, specially with -R.

Even more so since NEC scanning doesn’t comply with ECMA standards: they can show more than 1664 PIEs per 8ECC wich is the maximum possible. So they don’t report PIEs as we know it. Consequence: the max. admissible is not 280. :disagree: (I’d buy something approaching twice this number).

Even more so since the 4550/51 series of drives are rather looney for scanning, giving wild variations in figures between several passes of the same disc, specially near the end of the disc.

Only consistent (but still not ECMA compliant for PIEs) NEC scanner to date: the 3540. (I’ve got to units :bigsmile: )

Also, MCC03 RG20 always shows rather “high” PIEs in scans compared to MCC004, which explains MCC004 popularity on this board obsessed with low error figures. :stuck_out_tongue:

@dragemester: Don’t shake your head :slight_smile: . I can show you boxes of disc MiI, which show far poorer results than those made in Japan or Taiwan. :stuck_out_tongue: Sometimes I have the feeling all manufacturers drop their poor products over Germany and sell them at Switzerland prices :smiley: .

urvieh: Germany is the country where [I]Geiz ist geil[/I] has started.
[I]Geiz[/I] is indeed [I]geil[/I] for the manufacturers but should not be [I]geil[/I] for the customers. :wink:

As a matter of fact, German customers are statistically shown to spend the least money on food, unlike the French, British (!) and Swiss. And I believe it’s the same for food for the burners.
On the other hand, Platinum and Verbatim are usually sold at the same or similar prices, so the popularity of cheap media is VERY surprising…

The users in Europe are generally considered to be technically less savvy, but this prejudice against us (mostly hold up by some Japanese and some Americans, not the users here, but the corporate bosses) can be at least understood, just look at all those “pro-gamerz!!!11111111” with their systems full of viruses/virii/…? and their ALDI PCs… :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe if we protest enough, Sony will also introduce their MIJ media here :bigsmile:
[B]minaelromany[/B] loves Sony MIJ media, IIRC.

MIJ Sony MID or MIJ Sony TY ?
I love Sony MIJ D21 because it is very consistent in quality (2800-3000 PIF) and work flawlessly with perfect TRT .

I love Sony MIJ TY media because it is the only media that I’ve never used :bigsmile: And still waiting for 100 discs from TN and 100 discs from NY :smiley:

Older media seems to have very good QC , while newer 16X media (T03 , G03 and even MCC) have alot of bad batches and only average support from ODD manufacturers :frowning:

I was thinking about SONY-coded Sony media from their plant in Sendai, Japan.

Don’t forget that other 16x media (CMC, TDK, partially Ritek) is also problematic :frowning:
My 8x TDK were excellent, and 8x CMC was good too. But the 16x TDK and CMC were awful.

less savvy? than whom ? Americans ??? can’t belive that.

Mmmhhh… three [I]european[/I] mods in a raw for the blank media section … :bigsmile:

Myself (retired) - French
DrageMester - Danish
Arachne - English

Woaw, this must be my most useless, pointless and off-topic post on this board :stuck_out_tongue: - you all have the right to bring me down in flames! :iagree:

Hahahahaha :bigsmile:

@Evilboy - Along with Franck and Drage, Jan70 and Dee-27 are EMEA-ers, plus God knows how many experienced users on here are also EMEA-ers - no way would I call any of those less tech-savvy :disagree:

But I believe we had that discussion before :stuck_out_tongue:

I know that I was oversimplifying, but I just couldn’t resist doing that because I’m still angry about Maxell not releasing 12x DVD-RAM in any non-Japanese country, and the Rip-off Britain/Europe effect :a

Sorry :bigsmile:

Norwegian actually, but living in Denmark since I was 5 years old.

Woaw, this must be my most useless, pointless and off-topic post on this board :stuck_out_tongue:
Not quite. I think this post will be pretty hard to beat in those categories, except perhaps by this post. :wink:

Let’s see if we can prevent the current discussion from also heading off at full steam into the Living Room. :slight_smile:

Then , we who live in the ME don’t deserve to [B][I]live[/I][/B] :a

BTW : I still can’t find [B]5X[/B] DVD-RAM here in Egypt :bigsmile:

nor in Israel either ! :frowning:

@[B]DrageMester[/B]: You got me! :slight_smile: I wonder how you manage to find all the right links just when you need them… LOL