Verbatim DVD-R White Inkjet?

Verbatim seems to have gone the way of American car companies and offers basically the same item with different part numbers at different prices.

I am looking for DVD-R 16X White Inkjet. Can anyone guide me amongst these? I do not need to print the hub.


97283 The least expensive.




Any guidance appreciated. Thanks.

I have no experience with the product numbers above and I prefer DVD+R instead of DVD-R. I always look for the AZO logo on any Verbatim media I buy.

I used to use +R’s but some of my drives won’t play them.

What does AZO help with?

Do you set Book Type to DVD-ROM?

AZO is the recording dye.

No, I never tried changing the Book Type.

Are AZO recording dyes longer lasting or just easier for the drives to read ?

What is the content of the media your drives won’t play?

It was a long time ago, but I remember it was data files, not videos or music. I do not use discs for videos or music.

Maybe the problem was not that they were DVD+R, but the quality of the media?

They were Verbatim branded discs. It was a long time ago.

What drives?

As long as the ones you are considering say “AZO” on the packaging if retail, or “DataLifePlus” on the label if professional grade, you should be fine.

Thank you.
That helps guide me.