Verbatim DVD+R vs. Ritek?

well, ive been a loyal ritek user for the past few years, and NEVER had one coaster, they truly make amazing media, but i need some media tonight.

how does verbatim compare?

verbatim is more consistent, one of the best media. (that i’ve used)

Verbatim definitely outranks Ritek on all fronts. I for one will not touch a Ritek disc anymore, especially now that Ricoh is no longer producing their +R discs.

You’ve got that backwards. Ricoh from Taiwan was always made by Ritek.

But I agree that Ritek is not first choice for reliable quality.

Ritek is good if you burn for your classmates
Verbatim is for yourself to keep
As simple as that

Yeah sorry I should’ve clarified that. Ricoh was made by Ritek but it was under very strict quality control by Ricoh (at least as I understand it).


The GOOD - old Ritek G05’s were very good and gave consistant good burns - but also never were in the league with any Verbatims IMO-

Today - I would not buy any Ritek product - until it proves that they have gotten back to their old (quality disc) ways-

Proves out the old addage that “You Get What You Pay For” (especially in these days of low priced medias)-