Verbatim DVD+R type differences



Hi is there any real difference between the 8x Verbatim DVD+R discs I see packaged in video case 10pks and the ones in jewel case 10 pks? I realize the video case ones have the Videogard scratch protection but other than that are the discs the same? I notice the video case pkgs are much more widely available in my area and I don’t care about the packaging as long as the disc works the same. I’m using them for photofile backups not movies. Examples are 10pk #95104 video cases and #94778 jewel boxes. Thanks


If they are the standard 8x Verbatim DVD+R discs, then their MID (manufacturer id) will be “MCC003” when you pop one of the blanks into Nero CD-Speed, under the tab “Disc info.” Now, there could be some difference in the “quality” it burns at when measured under Nero CD-Speed, depending on where it is manufactured (could be in Taiwan or India now) and who makes it (Prodisc, CMC or Moser Baer). The exterior packaging really doesn’t tell you much in reality, except for where it’s made (I would look to see if it says "Made in Taiwan (that would mean either Prodisc or CMC made it) or “Made in India” (Moser Baer). I would also recommend using our advanced search, and use the keywords “Verbatim 8x DVD+R” and list the results as posts. That should shed some more light on it. Otherwise, you’ll have to depend on someone who’s used this exact kind (the video ones with the special coating) to tell you, and that might take a little while.


Thanks for the reply. I asked Verbatim the same question and they answered back :

“Both use the same AZo recording dye and have the same recording performance.”

I understand about the exterior pkg meaning little, but being new to DVD burning I want to first have the correct media for what I want to use it for- if one type is better for movies but I want one just for data/images I want to have that one. It probably doesn’t even matter but hey I’m a newb! It seems irregardless of where a media is made, whether they are pkgd in videoboxes or jewel cases they can be used for movies or data or photos- that’s what I was concerned about. My Plextor PX-712a recommends either TY or Verbatim/MCC media. From what I’ve found searching the net the Verbatim 8X DVD+R DataLifePlus media works well with Plextor and my model burner.

Btw, I tried using the advanced search here following your directions and kept getting back a blank white page???

Anywho thanks for your help.


Ok sorry I dumbed-down the search just using “Verbatim” and “Verbatim Videogard” and found some useful info here and


I think either Verbatim 8X DVD+R , the one with Videogard pkgd. videoboxes or the standard jewel box one, would be fine. The Videogard one gives you an added protective coating, slighty more expensive & videoboxes instead of jewel boxes.

Got some answers to my questions, good site! :clap: