Verbatim Dvd-r Ritekf1

I just bought a Verbatim 16x DVD-R 50 pack spindle, made in taiwan…

The package doesn´t say azo outside… and its made in 2006…

When I checked a DVD-R on the nero info tool it said manufacturer ID : RITEKF1

Is RitekF1 any good or just pure junk?

Does it degrade over time?

How does the RitekF1 dye performs compared to the MCC dye?

Thanks in advance

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Ritek F1 under the Verbatim brand?! First I’ve heard of that, do they say “Pearl White” on the packaging?

The last Ritek F1 I burned (Traxdata branded) froze on my standalone :frowning:

Are they real Verbatim or Fake?
Ritek f1, i have some branded Ridisc Xtreme, and they’re not that good in comparisson to MCC, they’ve got realy deceptionist results

I believe the F1 dye isn’t too bad as Ritek goes but to see Verbatim using them is indeed of great concern if it is true.

I’d like to think you’ve bought some fakes there.

Where did you buy these RiteK Verbs if I may ask? Not that I am looking for any of them.

Just nice to know where [B]NOT[/B] to buy them from. :slight_smile:

I bought the 50 pack spindle of Verbatim DVD-R RitekF1 in an officemax store, they most be real.

The package doesn´t say Pearl White…

Oh dear. Can’t imagine Office Max selling fakes, but I guess it’s possible.

@The Kipper - if you were looking, I’d start to worry about you :bigsmile:…mind you, it is very strange.

The upperside of the DVD-R RitekF1 looks exactly the same as a the silver Verbatim DVD-R MCC AZO made in taiwan…

The lowerside (write side) looks like a memorex DVD-R… the same color…

How can I identify if they´re real or fake?

In Mexico I presume?
(Judging by your first post in another thread)

The package doesn´t say Pearl White…
Interesting and IMO a little worrying.

I’ve only tried RITEKF1 as Fujifilm branded Labelflash media. The disc played fine and the scans were OK but not spectacular.

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Not sure how to identify that fully (I know with MCC discs it’s fairly easy to tell).

Regarding Verbatim Ritek, haven’t Verbatims shown up with an MBI code as well IIRC? So it’s entirely possible they’re using Ritek as well.

@Drage - funny you should mention Mexico - I believe the other non-MCC coded Verbs showed up in Argentina or somewhere?

in pc world today there was some new packaging verbies they was mit but just the spindle didnt feel right :doh: i put them down then found a ty spindle instead :stuck_out_tongue: +r that is i have some vouchers for pc world still suppose i could go be a guinea pig to them if there is some there :confused:

Yeah I bought them in an Officemax store in Mexico…

The store had before 50 pack spindles Verbatim DVD-R MCC Advanced AZO made in Taiwan. But lately after they sold out all the azo stuff…

They got this new 50 Pack spindles of Verbatim DVD-R RitekF1…

Is it posible that they´re fake?

Or Verbatim is beta testing here this new RitekF1 stuff before introducing them in the United States?

Sounds like a few months ago when another user on this forum reported MBI coded Verbatim 16x DVD-R turning up in Brazil, IIRC :eek:

RITEKF1 has been good media to me - very compatible, no degradation, so I wouldn’t be that bummed :slight_smile:

Oh, Brazil. I thought it was Argentina :o

Could be, can’t remember though :o

Thank the lawd! I thought it was the end of the world for a moment there. :bow:

No, Verbatim isn’t beta-testing anything for the U.S. :disagree: Verbatim would go bankrupt if they tried to sell that here.

You either have fake media, or a Latin America region-specific product.

Do you have a digital camera or one you could borrow easily? I would love to see some pictures of the packaging and dvd surface (especially a zoom in the hub area). MBI coded media would make some sense but Ritek coded Verbatim is very puzzling to me.

+1 :iagree: :iagree:

Mmmhh… non-MCC discs sold as Verbatim outside the “Pearl Whites” line? :eek: That would be a first. I don’t like that.
[B]Dakhaas[/B]? :flower:

This may be only for the South American market maybe :confused: