Verbatim DVD-r Questions

Looking at trying some different good quality media as sooner or the G04 discs which i have had nothing but good results with will disserper like the G03 discs.Now i am going to try some G05 discs but as i have heard there not quite as good as the G04 dye im after trying some others…

Now first off are the Verbatim Pastel dvd-rs real Taiyo Yuden dye ? they seem a decent price for TY dye discs, TY branded discs here cost a bomb compered to G04 discs… Secondly how good is the X8 Verb MCC 02RG20 dye discs ? (will be burnt at X4) , i have tryed verb discs once before, X2 discs using the MCC 00RG200 dye but my dvd player hated them. So it the X8 dye much better than the X2 dye.

1)Yep, the Pastels are TY discs.

2)Which drive are you using? The 02RG20 discs work really well on my 832S.

Burner is Pioneer A05, the X2 verbs burnt fine , just my standalone dvd player didnt like them, G04s work on it fine. This is why i would like to know is the X8 verbs are better than what the X2 ones where.

I guess i could buy a couple of single 02RG20 discs just to test, then if they work great for me on my dvd player, ps2 and xbox then i’ll think about getting a spindle