Verbatim DVD+R MII quality scans



Among people using Verbatim MII media does anyone have disc quality scans of DVD+R (MCC-004-00) that compare well to MIT scans? I looked under the Blank DVD Media Tests but could not find any.


You didn’t look hard enough.

Plenty in that whole thread.


I probably didn’t but after checking again I saw few good scans of media MII compared to media MIT.


Do not buy current Verbatim MII DVD+R discs - they are complete junk.
If you can get old stock from late 2009, that was pretty good.


Both CMC (Taiwan) and Moser Baer (India) made Verbatims are highly variable in quality these days. But I have not seen anything to indicate that one is consistently better than the other. One has to be very careful not to draw conclusions from a small sample size.

In my experience the disc to disc variation within a pack is reasonable, but the batch to batch variation is substantial. Therefore to conclude that one manufacturer is better than the other a high number of batches from each need to be sampled.

For me the Moser Baer Printable MCC004 have been the most consistently good in the last 3 years, but the sample size is still low - >100 discs, but from only 3 batches/packs.

Over the same time period the best quality were CMC Magnetics made discs (3-4x25pk, but all from the same batch). But then again so were the worst, by a considerable margin.