Verbatim DVD+R (MCC 004) @ MicroCenter





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$15.99 for White printable Verbatim MCC004, 50-pk
The one’s I bought were PAPA.


You can get these verbatim at these prices from BB and OM when they have sale on this.


other retailers like bestbuy, office max, when they have a sale on verbatim, their prices are better than micro center. And I do often see them go on sale, almost every week, so this is not something I would jump on


Its a pretty good price on printables though. I also like that their sales run all month, and the verbs are almost always on sale. Its convenient during those occasional few week long dry spells at the other stores if you happen to run out and don’t want to wait (and didnt stock up enough on the last good sale).


There is always a chance that these good performance media being slow in production and therefore get harder to find since the market is getting ready for Blue-Ray and HD technology.


It’s a great price for Printable Verbatim.

I have around 60 left from the last time I bought them at microcenter.


The BB sale just past by last week. I don’t know when OM will have the next. If you need some now, it doesn’t hurt to know the lowest prices at the time. Verbs aren’t on sale right now anywhere else, maybe next week.


keep checking often, I see them go on sale almost every week. This week is a bad week, only MIT sony and the overated memorex are on sale this week.