Verbatim DVD-R Made in china?

can someone please tell me if they are good disks also what dye do they use?


They’re genuine MCC discs made with AZO dye.

Scans don’t look great next to a decent batch of Taiwanese produced Verbatims (although they’re consistent and are still acceptable in quality - overall, these discs are a hell of a lot better than the value line TYG02s I just tried, despite higher PIE counts), but my discs burn and play back without a hitch. Unless I just got lucky with good batches, that’s a sign of reliable media, at least for short term, non-archival use.

[QUOTE=blade2007;2200210]what dye do they use?[/QUOTE]Unless they are “special” lines like the “Pearl Whites”, as MikeW states all Verbatim blanks, +R or -R, have an AZO dye (as far as I know).

As for the quality of the Made in China Verbatim DVDRs, well, that’s another story and I can’t help, I have no experience with them at all, and user feedback is not sufficient yet for me to even have an opinion. I just have a hunch towards not trusting them, because of generally lousy manufacturing and practises from chinese factories. But it may well be prejudice.

Dunno about the -Rs, but I’m part way through a 50-spindle of MIC +Rs (MCC004, made by CMC).

Definitely says AZO on the label :wink:

Scans I’ve done so far would indicate a slightly higher error level than the MIT/MII ones I’m used to. But having said that, playback is flawless and I’m still using them for one of three archive sets (hey, waste not want not, right?) :wink: