Verbatim DVD-R made by prodisk anygood?



are they reliable?
are they better or worse than dvd-r verbs made in india?
as i have never had prodisk made verbs till now

also the gold ring in the center of the disk is not perfectly round (it dips in slightly) which i have never noticed on a dvd-r before is the gold ring important or is it just for show

do dvd-r start to deteriorate when the pack is open (when air can get to them)
or is it only once they are burned/recorded to they start to deteriorate?



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Not sure about the -R as I use +Rs mainly, but the Prodisc-made Verbie MCC004 - several 25-packs - that I’ve used, have held up well so far. The only thing I found were a couple of lemons that failed to burn halway through in one of the spindles. But that can happen with any manufacturer or brand, be it TY, Verbatim…:wink:

I have a couple of Samsung drives that burn the MII ones beautifully, and on those drives, the Prodisc ones burned just as well, and in a few cases the Prodiscs even burned with “prettier” scans than my CMC-made ones.

As for when they start to detreriorate. I have TYG01 sitting here, both burned and blank, from about 2004. The burned ones are still going strong, and I would hope for the many of us who have older or rare media sitting in storage, that they’d last a fair while if not burned. From what I have seen personally, it appears to be burned ones that go South more often than unburned ones. I also have several spindles that I use for review/testing purposes, and the packs were opened a few years back. These still are fine when I go to use them. :wink:


Unburned discs shouldn’t be a problem as long as you don’t leave them out in the
direct sunlight and/or to hot/cold temperatures. Like Arachne said I still have some
discs left over from 2003/2004 and they still burn and scan just fine. :iagree:


thanks for the replys