Verbatim DVD+R DL

Hey everyone. Just bought a 20-spindle of Verbatim-branded DVD+R DL discs, made in Singapore by Mitsubishi Kagaku Media. Media ID is MKM001.

Have a couple of quick questions…

a) Did I buy good media?
b) Is there any easier and/or better way to backup a movie for playback in a proper DVD player (i.e.: making sure the layer break is done correctly) than to use pgcedit/imgburn?

Thanks for all the help. These forums (fora?) are awesome!

Yes, you bought excellent media :slight_smile:

As for the second question…no idea, I usually recommend ImgBurn!

Cool, so you would recommend Imgburn. I just use pgcedit beforehand to make sure the IFO files and such are all correctly configured, make an ISO file from the authored DVD files, then burn the ISO with Imgburn. If there’s a way of elimating a step there by using only Imgburn and not the other program beforehand, please let me know.

Like, can I rip straight from a DVD with Imgburn, then burn it, without having to tinker with any settings?

Also, what’s the optimal burning speed for this particular type of media? 2.4x?

I suppose when asking what speed I should burn at, I should let you know I’m using a Sony DRU-810A w/ 1.0e firmware.

You cannot rip with ImgBurn, that’s the reason why it was developed…

You’d use DVDDecrypter, DVDFabDecrypter or similar and maybe AnyDVD too.

take care of the layer break. imgburn doesn’t auto-load it from pgcedit (well, at least the latest versions don’t). you have to set it manually and make sure you’re using the right spot in order to avoid freezes.

Hm well so far I’ve managed to burn 2 movies perfectly on my discs at 2.4x. I used pgcedit to fix the layer break, and imported the settings into Imgburn and voilà ! Even played perfectly on a standalone player I bought around 2002.

I do recommend that you stay away from those 5pk 8x Verbatims for now. I just bought a pack and 3 out of 5 discs were coasters when burned at the recommend speed. First disc was burned on my Plextor 760A @ 10x and it came out fine. The 5th disc (other 3 coasters where burned on the Plextor) was burned on my BenQ DW1655 at 6x and it came out fine.

Right now I’m worrying if it’s my Plextor or if it’s the discs since the BenQ was able to burn them fine at a lower speed. Haven’t tried burning the 8x DVD+DL @ 6x on the Plextor though

Must be with your drive…

I never had a problem with Verbatim DLs in 5pcs packs.

You never had a problem with 5pks or 5pk DVD+R DL 8x (10x compatible)?

Ah sorry, I meant the 2.4x rated but just saw now that you meant the 8x rated ones…

Yeah, mine are in a spindle of 20 with 2.4x plastered all over the front of it.

The PgcEdit method of burning, with ImgBurn called on by PgcEdit, works quite well.

Yeah, my 760A never had problems with 2.4x (6x compatible). These new 8x (10x compatible) +R DLs probably need a firmware update.

I’ve had a few people mention to me that MKM003 (8x Verbatim) don’t work as well on the first-generation DL burners, as they do on some of the newest burners. This probably leads back to firmware.

Yeah, the strange thing was, my 760A burned one disc fine and 3 came out as coasters. With the last disc I didn’t want to test my luck so I burned it on my BenQ 1655. It didn’t burn at 8x but it didn’t come out as a coaster.

I bought a 20pk 2.4x (6x compatible) from newegg wich should be coming in 2 days from now. I’ll test those out at 6x on my 760A and determine if it was just a bad 8x batch or if it’s my 760A causing the problem.

I discovered what the problem was, for some reason burn-proof was deactivated in PlexTools leading it be disabled in Nero. Whenever there was harddrive activity it would interfere with my burning. Darn! wasted 3 good 8x DVD+R DL discs!

Hey guys i just htese…pack of 20 Vertabim DataPlusLife…they are apparantly made in Signapore (says on the front)…comes in a small cardboardbox + ( i think a small cupcake box) and theres no hub code…these were very expensive …about $82 AUS

Still DataLifePlus? Aww, those are good MKM001 from the old days, when the crystal style font was used. :slight_smile: Excellent media.

But thanks for sharing the info anyway - it can help others. :wink: