Verbatim DVD+R DL?

Hey guys

I’m planning on picking up my first DL’s next week. I am gonna purchase the Verbatim DVD+R DL 10 pk ones.

Now I’m not sure which ones I should look for? I believe there is the Made in Taiwan and the Made in Singapore ones.

Which one should I get? Also is there something else I should know before getting these DL’s? Which speeds to get?

My DVD burner is the NEC-3520a fw. 1.07

I’m getting these ones:

Personally, I have never seen Verbatim DL made in Taiwan. The ones made in their Singapore plant are very good.

Do you plan on using these for data or for dvd backups? If you are going straight from dvd’s, I’d suggest using DVDDecrypter in ISO Read mode and then write to the disk with ImgBurn 1.3

i just picked up a 10-pack and have tested 4 so far. according to the specs on my lite on 1693s drive i have up to 4x +r dual layer capability. These verbatims say 2.4x on the front of the box but notice the “up to 8x speed with high speed dvd +r dl drives” also on the box, i made 2 coasters trying to burn these discs at 4x. when i slowed burner down to 2.4x i got excellent scan results with nero speed (95 quality) and they have worked on all dvd players i have tried so far. the first two i burned at 4x won’t even play in a p.c.

i just noticed your from the toronto area. these dl verbatims are about the best i have found so far in this area. it did not take long to realize this because the only other dual layer media i could find was ritek, and i was lucky to get 1 out of 3 discs to burn decently. It’s difficult finding a selection for dual layer media around here.

I’ve got a plextor 716-uf. I’m on my second batch of of the 2.4x DL’s with 100% success rate of burning at 6x. Are you running the latest firmware?

All Verbatim D/L media that I have seen is MIS as well. Burn at 6x all of the time on my Pioneer 109 with V1.40 firmware. Excellent media. Honestly it doesn’t get any better than D/L Verbatim DVD+R discs burned with the booktype set to DVD-ROM (for D/L of course).

I use a LG 4163B . Will i be able to write successfully to DL at a lower speed writing at say 4x . Really wanna get it right. Lost so many blank Vebatim DL dvd’s trying with DVD Decrypter and DVD FabGold.
Wish you could advise

What?? You can always write them at 2.4x if they are DVD+R DLs.
Everything else is depending on many other factors, the drive & firmware is just one of them… :bigsmile:

As far as I know, the LG GSA-4163B is only supporting writing to DL at max. 4x.

i think i am running the latest firmware kys4. right now i am using the drive as a sony dw q28a. i can make it a lite-on 1693 easy enough but i have not had any problems with kys4 firmware. i don’t know why i can’t burn a good disc at 4x, must be a problem with my writer. works beautiful at 2.4x. funny thing is when i burn at 4x there are next to no errors and it burns just as good as at 2.4x until about 3/4 of the way through (6.0gig) and then it goes from a nice burn to a coaster, there is a huge spike and dvd speed will not be able to scan any further. it was almost the exact same spot that my second disc failed at, this makes me wonder why the burn speed is not a problem for the first 3/4 of the disc.

Hey thnx for the help guys.

But just one last question the store I’m going to is selling the
"Verbatim 2.4X 8.5GB DVD+R Dual Layer Spindle10-pack" for $26.99’

would the 2.4x be ok? or should I get 8x or something?

As I understand all Verbatim DVD+R DL the media code is MKM …

If your drive supports faster DL burns, I’d go with at least 4X. Speed isn’t everything, but 6X takes me just over 27mins to burn. I’ve done one burn at 4X accidently and it took over 25 mins. If you’re burning at 2.4X, better pour yourself a vodka and Red Bull! :bigsmile:

edit: Something tells me those verbatims will likely burn faster than 2.4X anyways.

27min for 6x? That’s really bad! My Pio110 only needed ca. 16min for this.
2.4x rated Verbs are good enough for my needs, could overspeed them to 8x, but 6x is a quite good choice between speed and quality!

DOH! For some reason I can’t edit my post. It’s 17 mins at 6x and just over 25mins at 4x.

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