Verbatim dvd+r dl

10pack 23.99 w/ free ship @ newegg
pretty good if you need to buy a few packs, since rebates are slower and tend to limit you to 1 pack (of 10)
this is after I bought 5 10pks from rima :a

Not bad. A good solution if you really need some in between the 10 for $20 sales at local B&M stores.

$19.99 sale at OfficeMax this week.

and to top that, if you bring the OM ad and pricematch these at best buy, you’re looking at $17.50 for a 10 pack.

About $21.50 after tax. I prefer the two free packs I got from best buy; but I don’t think that will ever happen again. I also prefer buying from the store rather than online because individual boxes get thrown around more during shipping transit. A while back a ups guy dropped a box of dvd+r’s in my front yard.

same here! i just got my best buy rebate back from that ordeal the other day. I doubt I’m ever going to see the plextor rebate. I mailed it in 35 days ago. I’m going to give them teh benefit of the doubt since i sent it during the holiday season and wait until next week to bitch them out since their rebate tracker turns up no results for my name…

Plextor always takes a very long time to get the rebates out. I had one on a Plextor 716A that took 6 months but I did get it, I am waiting for the same rebate you are and its been about 8 weeks already, I don’t expect it for another 8 weeks.

i’m not overly worried. I still think it was the deal of the century, sans rebates. The whole lot for $40 though is a very nice thought. I hope that Plextor one does eventually come in.

Same price at Microcenter, USD 20 per 10-pack.