Verbatim DVD+R DL Printable at Newegg



$110 shipped for 20 discs ($5.50 each).


lol, why cant they sell it in 3pk? Btw, is that hub printable?


I don’t think so.


20 discs cost more than 2 burners, hahaha, no thanks


If DL burning was as - for lack of a better term - foolproof as SL burning I’d wait a couple months for possible sales or price decrease.
There are many movies I own that I’d love to make 1:1 backups of… the Lord of The Rings trilogy comes to mind.


Prices are definitely coming down. A couple of weeks ago, these were $130 plus shipping.


I wish more people would start making quality DL media (wake up Taiyo Yuden!), but in the meanwhile this is a pretty good deal, especially for people who like printable surface media. Ritek non-printable media is slightly cheaper in spools but their DL media still sucks, as evidenced by scans from recent reviews of DVD burners from various sources. Mitsubishi (Verbatim) DL media is much more compatible, but at these prices, you have to question whether you really need both layers on a single disc.