Verbatim DVD + R DL On Sale At Best Buy



I went “window shopping” at Best Buy today and did not plan on buying anything. What did I see but some large stacks of beautiful 20-Pack Verbatim DVD + R DLs on sale for $29.99. Although there were some packs “Made In India,” there were enough “Made In Singapore” to make a big dent in my wallet. I don’t believe they were announced in any of the papers as being on sale, as I always check ripit’s excellent posts. What made it even more surprising was that this particular Best Buy very seldom has any Verbatim DLs on the shelves, much less has them on sale and from Singapore! So…check your Best Buy. Good luck!


Microcenter has the 10 pack MIS for $13.99, of course if you have one near you.


Good to know on both counts. You can find them cheaper online but no guarantees of MIS so both of these options are definitely worth while (depending on which one you have in your area).


^^^ wr mate ?

u mean Ebay ?


No, Bestbuy or Microcenter.