Verbatim DVD+R DL MKM001 and PX-716SA

I would like to post my thoughts on the Verbatim DVD+R DL MKM001 media and the PX-716SA. I am now on my third PX-716SA drive and, quite frankly, I’m not inclined to feel I need another replacement drive! My current drive is no different than my last drive on my burning Verbatim DVD+R DL media. Based on upon my testing of two different 3-packs of this media (and two replacement discs for 6X coasters, 8 discs total) on two different drives, and based on the different scans I’ve seen posted so far, I am inclined to believe there is a huge variation in quality in this media. As many have said before, Mitsubishi media (while good in quality) has a problem with quality variation–it is too easy to get bad batches. Two bad Taiyo Yuden doesn’t make DVD+R DL media! That is definitely what makes Mitsubishi media fall short of TY media in terms of quality. So my new TLA #0305 drive also burned 6X coasters–but this was from the discs I got from CompUSA. That’s two different drives burning those 6X coasters, but all of these coasters were discs bought from CompUSA. The successful 6X burn I got was from the box I bought from Best Buy. I can now conclude that 6X burning on this media is way too risky–6X burning is just pushing the limits of this 2.4X media way too much. As for 4X burning, it is better, but not good enough! I thought that nasty PIF spike with the 4X burns (same on both second and third 716SA drives and with two different boxes of media) was something to not worry about. Wrong! I can truly attest to how much that spike just plains sucks! My parent’s Sony DVP-NS575P DVD player skips at the layer change where the PIF spike occurs on one of the 4X burned discs. My Sony DVP-NS725P DVD player does not skip at all (it’s the higher priced player, anyone surprised it is less picky about discs?). The only good news is that this 4X burned disc had a PIF spike of 12 (good accuracy, maybe higher on high accuracy)–it was the worst of the 4X burns I got and was burned by the drive I just returned. My other 4X burns (some burned on each of the two drives) had PIF spikes in the 7-9 range (depending on disc and whether good or high accuracy is used). So, will the better 4X burns skip in my parent’s picky DVD player? That is what I have to find out. But do not believe that you won’t have problems with the layer change PIF spike with this media, because depending on how big the PIF spike is, and how picky the player is, you may end up with a playing issue. For those interested, the playing issue on that DVD player was a two second skip, just as if you jumped to the next chapter two seconds before the current chapter ended–no break up of video/audio, just a clean skip. Thanks Plextor for not giving us the quality we are paying so much for! Thanks also goes out to Verbatim/Mitsubishi as well, since Verbatim/Mitsubishi needs to do a much better job with quality control (and so does Plextor!). Attached is my most current scan of this media, done with my new TLA #0305 drive. The accuracy is set to high accuracy for the PIF scan. I will burn the majority of my MKM001 discs in the future at 2.4X with this drive, as I am sick of the quality issues.

IMO, the general problem is that Mitsubishi (and any other manufacturer) sells DVD media in high numbers and a nearly-ridiculous number of formats (+R,-R,+RW,-RW,+RDL,-RDL,-RAM,CDR,CDRW) … one HQ production facility simply cannot satisfy the market’s needs.

The result is that production is being split to 1) facilities all over the world with different quality management or 2) production is being licensed to other manufacturers that will produce media for them (like CMC produces Verbatim SuperAZO CDR’s with an MCC ATIP).

Another reason is the price situation … dropping prices for media force the manufacturers to literally squeeze the last bit of media out of their production plants … in earlier days, out-of-spec-batches produced during shutdown/startup phases of production lines were either discarded or sold to low-quality third-party resellers … today I would bet my money that these are being sold under the original brand as well … maybe mixed up with in-spec media in a 25 pcs. cakebox, who knows. I did even encounter Maxell YUDEN000T01 that caused burning failures @ 4x on my BenQ 1620 and my Plex 716A …

Quality fluctuation with DL media is a real pain in the arse, regarding the high prices for one single piece of media (not talking about inverse-stack crap, though) … that’s why I keep my hands off DL media at this time …

JeanLuc, thanks for your reply. Given the huge variation reported by Beeder in the MCC004 media (I knew there was a large variation, but larger than I guessed), I believe with more certainty that the same problem definitely exists with this DVD+R DL MKM001 media. One thing to note: at least one of the DVD+R DL discs I tested which were all shrink wrapped had a small piece of removable debris on the disc that I removed before burning the disc. Not a sign of quality! Also, all my MKM001 DVD+R DL discs were made in Singapore. My understanding is that this means that this media was actually made by Mitsubishi, and not another maker like CMC (which only makes media in Taiwan). One last thing: I would like to test different batches of this media with more than drive (like Beeder), but the media is just too expensive and I just don’t have the time. I will get Verbatim to replace my last 6X coastered disc (two of the other coasters were already replaced by CompUSA) and burn the replacement at 2.4X–I hope that this replacement disc will burn without the excessive PIF spike at the layer change.

The only disks that work for me so far are the Verbatim DVD+R DL MKM001 with PX-716SA TLA#304. The ONLY programs that give me passable results with no skipping are CloneDVD2/AnyDVD. Burns at 2.4,4 & 6X speeds.

Sorry I don’t have a Sony player to test them on but they play fine on a Toshiba-R/RAM RDX532S DVR, Zenith+R XBR413 DVR and a very cheap Ampex DVD player.

More good news is Memorex DL+R and FujiFilm DL+R just hit the shelves at Frys in Las Vegas. Anybody tried them yet?

Later, Conrad

yes only the Verbatim DVD+R DL MKM001 works great on my 716A and 716SA ,burn six of them so far with Great results

I can get 3 packs of these at work for $19.88 maybe I should give them a try. Has anyone seen them cheaper online? 15.92 shipped.

Just got a box of 10 Verbatim DVD+R DL (Made in Singapore) @ BestBuy for $59.99.

They are “MKM001”

Hope that helps