Verbatim DVD+R DL - Is it really 8x?

I just bought a spindle of Verbatim DVD+R double layer at best buy (Part number 95310) that are supposedly up to 8x. They were on sale for $35. When I went burn a dvd, nero only gave me the option of burning at 6x.

Dvd Indentifier also shows a maximum speed of 6x.

So what’s going on here, did I get a bad batch of these discs? I just bought a LG GSA-H10L which allows for 10x DVD+R DL burns.

Thanks for the help.

If the MID is MKM 001 then your LG drive/firmware only supports them up to 6x.
You would need MKM 003 to take advantage of 10x burn speed on your drive/firmware.

Yes the mid is MKM 001.
So is the label on the spindle incorrect, or does the drive read the disc information incorrectly.

MKM 001 is 2.4x +R DL media.
The label is “correct” as some drives/firmware will allow these to be written at up to 6x.
You need to look for MKM 003 which is Verbatims 8x +R DL media if you want 8x or higher write speed support.

I guess I still don’t get it. What the difference between the burners that allow the 8x burn and my burner which is supposed to be able to burn up to 10x.

The firmware support. Each burner has a firmware table that lists available burn speed for each MID. So in your case, the LG firmware supports MKM001 at max 6x and MKM003 at max 10x.

It is not necessarily about the burner.
It is about the MID and the firmware support for that given MID.
The drive manufacturer makes a decision to either support a MID at its rated speed or to allow to overspeed that MID to some higher speed. There are limits to how high an overspeed will go and still produce a reliable burn.
Pushing a 2.4x rated MID to 6x is pushing it 2.5 times its rated speed.
MKM 003 however is an 8x rated MID and pushing it to 10x is only overspeeding by 1.25 times it rated speed.

Ok, now I understand. Is there any way of extracting this table from the burner?
Thanks for the help, I thought I was loosing my mind yesterday.

For what?

Use a tool like dvd.identifier and you can see at what speed the media is supported with your burner.
But if you insist, try with MCSE.

I’m guessing you want to see exactly what media code is supported at what speed before actually buying the discs in the future. MCSE will let you do that.

Yes karanguni, that’s exactly what I would like to do.
I’m not familiar with mcse, but I just found the home page and will check it out.