Verbatim DVD+R DL dual layer for 3.99 each

Compusa has Verbatim DVD+R DL media for 3.99 each or 11.97 for 3pk.
This is a great deal considering how expensive these are going for nowadays.

They’re substituting for the crappy Memorex DVD+R DL.
Confirmed at San Jose and San Diego stores.

I just went to the Comp USA store in Brookfield Wisconsin and they have marked down the price of a 3 pack of Verbatim DL discs to $11.97 since they were out
of the Memorex DL discs. This is the new price on the shelf so you will not have
to ask for a substitution. Still not as cheap as I had hoped but for that price I
figured I could finally try my first DL burn.


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