Verbatim DVD+R DL 8x

I stopped burning DVD+R DL media a few years ago due to cost, but today I came across in a shop with some Verbatim DVD+R DL 8x Made in UAE. I noticed that unfortunately their price is still high, but has production of these moved to UAE from Taiwan recently?

Recall that Verbatim has multiple manufacturers which produce its media.

Some time ago, Verbatim teamed up with FTI to be an additional manufacturing partner. Depending on which media you get, you can still get genuine Verbatim disc models Made in Taiwan (CMC), China (CMC), or India (Moser Baer). (And, of course, made in Singapore by MKM itself for DL media).

So it hasn’t moved. Verbatim just added another partner. And media made by FTI (“made in the UAE”) is generally the best Verbatim media you can get that isn’t made by MKM itself, far above what Moser Baer produces. (I don’t think CMC produces MKM 00x DL media any longer). The DVD+R DL should be quite high quality & worth the cost.

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Falcon have been making Verbatim DVD+R DL under license (in the UAE) for many years and the quality is excellent. Second only to Verbatim’s own factory in Singapore.

Moser Baer also make these discs under license in India, but the quality is highly variable. They can (or should that be [I]could[/I]) be perfectly good discs, but it is much safer to stick with Singapore or UAE discs if at all possible.

They also used to outsource production to CMC Magnetics, beginning around the same time as Moser Baer (2008 or 2009??). But as far as I can recall they were made in CMC’s Chinese factory and the quality was appalling - much worse than Moser Baer.

The only Verbatim media made by FTI that my local distributor could supply for some time were the expensive waterproof printable DVD-R. I guess also the DVD+R DL now.