Verbatim DVD+R DL 8x - buy where in EU?



Guy guys,

Verbatim DVD+R DL 8x is finally c. the price I can consider worthwhile, so I’m looking where to buy within EU that ships to Nordic Countries.

I’ve tried skimming bargain basement, but it’s mostly for US buyers. No luck in the Deutsch forum either.

So, what is a good place to buy and how to spot a genuine MKM from a fake one?

The cheapest I’ve found is €71 for 50 Verbatim DVD+R DL 8x + shipping.

Are there considerably more inexpensive options available and what are good forums / places to scan for best prices? Genuine MKM only, of course.

All the price comparisons I’ve tried (idealo, cia, etc.) do not recommend anywhere near the most inexpensive places.


[QUOTE=Halcyon;2067747]how to spot a genuine MKM from a fake one?[/QUOTE]

MKM DLs are practically only sold under the Verbatim brand. Buy Verbatim and you wont get fakes :iagree:


Good to know. I was under the impression (from one thread) that there are already Verbatim MKM fakes, but perhaps I’m mistaken.

On the price it seems to be near impossible to get below 60€/50 pieces, and even that is only available within Germany (i.e. no mail order to Nordics).


I bought some discs from this place. Only real stuff. Money back if it should be problems. A lot cheaper as I don’t have to pay the idiotic Swedish media tax. :a

Here is another place:


SVP in England (UK)

WeSellCD in Germany just south of the Danish border - they sell to Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Netherlands and France

IT-Netsupply in Germany just south of the Danish border - they sell to Denmark, Sweden and Germany

They should all have Verbatim DVD+R DL 8x media unless they’re out of stock


I’ve recently purchased media (no DL though) from DamroTech in Luxemburg. They were very fast and didn’t mess up my orders. They ship to Finland.



Thanks, Have to check those out. Damro has been my best source for some time, I like their service and price. I know at least one place that can sell genuine MKM even cheaper, but not by much.

Kinda was hoping there was some source that was significantly cheaper, but I guess not :slight_smile:


Got my stuff (mainly DL) from Damrotech too.
I ordered 2.4x and got 8x, probably the 2.4x were sold out and 2 weeks later they got them newish in, in bigger quantities and MIS. :slight_smile: