Verbatim DVD+R DL 8.5GB 2.4X (Single) media (5 Pack) only £5.58

MicroDirect have an offer on at the moment,

Pretty good at just over £1.11 a disc. :slight_smile:

Are you sure its 5 as it says single at the top…

It says SINGLE at the top, but in the table “Media Included Qty 5”
Confusing …
And it’s get even more confusing; In the table they have this “Native Capacity 8.5 GB ( single-sided )” :slight_smile:

Dosent that mean that it is a single pack of 5 dvd +r DL and they are single sided (you may get confused between single sided and single layer)

I think it is for a single disc - I got misled with the picture showing they come in a box of 5 :confused:

but the 2nd pics shows this;

So maybe it is just for 1 disc. Wish they would be more accurate.

looks like someone should sacrifice their five bucks so the rest of the freaks here can benefit!! :bigsmile:

I cant wait for these to drop in price here in the Sates.

Your wish is my command. Well this time anyway . . .

. . . ones in the post give me a few days and we shall all see the light . . .

hmm, its 5 jewel cases in that thing, that’s probably why they show the single jewel case.

BTW, do they ship to the U.S. or just the U.K?

Uh buddy, you obviously know nothing about shipping costs or exchange rates. There is no possible way that verbatim would be that cheap at this point. That would work out to about $10 for 5 discs or $2 a disc. it is about 6 pounds per disc or approximately $10 per disc. It’s almost a 2:1 exchange rate so once you factor in shipping costs and import charges you would end up paying about 2x what you would pay here in the US. There is a mandatory 17.5% VAT tax cost factored into each sale (even online) in the UK, so do the math. It doesn’t add up as there is no way Verbatim could make a profit at this point off of something like that. BTW after factoring in VAT and shipping costs it is over 8 pounds and it says (single) once again when you go to checkout. What they are probably doing is selling it as a 5 pack but breaking it down and listing the cost by individual disc. So you are getting the per disc cost versus the total cost. Just a thought. I can’t go through all of the motions to find out for sure since I don’t have a valid UK addy.

well i recon their a single disc & not a pk of 5 tryed to email them last week no reply from the yet so i recon they have made it like that so to fool people if they don’t try to clear things up when you email them then you can’t trust them

Try svp in the uk they have Datasafe Double Layer 2.4x DVD+R in Spindle Tubs of 10 for £22.98 / Euro 33.64. Prices include VAT.


sent another email to finally got a reply

This is a single disk.

There seems to be a mistake on our website, sorry

Odd 'cos just like you i decided to contact the website and to quote them said:

Hi Mat.

The product your asking about (Stock code:MEDDVDVERPLDL) including 5 media per pack.

Jimi Clarke

So as i’ve ordered one and its not the 5 disc’s i shall be asking for a refund or just cancelling the credit card payment 'cos of fraud :cop: but i’m still hoping its a pricing mistake but will have to wait and see :wink:

Does the word “E-NET” mean anything to you? :Z Anyways, they are almost certainly B-Grade or C-Grade Ritek D/L media. Given the results that “A” Grade Ritek gives, I don’t even wanna think about the results that this stuff would produce. You might as well donate the money to charity as it would give you more for your money than these discs would. :wink:

Results look good to me :cool:

well fills me full of confidence that they don’t know what they are selling tell one person one thing tell another thing to someone else

o just checked the web page & all i see is (This product is unavailable
Please press back on your browser)

message i got from them

This is a single disk.

There seems to be a mistake on our website, sorry.

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is it a single disc or a pack of 5 cos you give conflicting info on
you’r web site could you please confirm what you a selling thank you

or may be it was a 5 pk & they removed it & you’r just a
JAMY B*****D :stuck_out_tongue: so if it was a 5 pk don’t tell me :frowning: if it was a single you can tell me

Uh, I just checked the results at that site you mentioned and they are pretty much mixed for all sorts of applications. That and two reviews with very limited information is hardly conclusive.

in cace people think i was being rude ( JAMY B*****D ) means very lucky ie very lucky to get a 5 pk
don’t know if the phrase is used in the u.s