Verbatim DVD+R DL 50-pk $40 Sams Club (in-store)



Don’t know if this is new pricing, or special deal.
for ID and local availability check (make sure your Sams is indicated under the Now Shopping: at top-center). Hope this is a sign of the long-awaited price drop in quality DL.

– UhClem


I grabbed a spindle yesterday.


What speed are these supposed to be? The link you gave isn’t bringing anything up. I did a search and found 2.4x discs. The price for them is $39.88.

Model: 96577
Item #: 65008


When I click on the link in the first post it comes up with this

Verbatim DVD+R DL 8.5GB 2.4X
Pick Up: $39.88
Club #4930


Verbatim DVD+R DL discs burn up to 6X speed with compatible high speed DVD+R DL drives
Saving you about 20 minutes per burn
8.5 Gbyte’s of storage capacity on a single-sided disc
No need to flip the disc
Largest compatible DVD back-up and data archiving format for computer drives
Record 4 hours of DVD quality television and video (16 hours of VHS quality)
Supported by high speed Double Layer writers, up to 6X, burn 8.5GB in approximately 16 minutes
Compatible with DVD+R DL drives from Sony, Philips, Lite On and other leading manufacturers Limited Lifetime Warranty


Wow if those are MKM001’s or MKM003 thats one sweet deal!
Too bad theres no SC anywhere near me.

All I can do is hope amazon/newegg (or costco maybe) will get some of those 50packs and price them similarly

but wow I dont think I’ve seen verbatim media under a buck since I started using it. good find OP


The only Verbatim DVD+R DLs I’ve seen at (several) Sam’s Clubs are MKM 001. You have to pick through them to find the MIS packs, since they’re mixed in with MII packs. But it’s worth it.


These have dropped to $29.82 at some Sam’s Clubs. For example, in Charlotte, NC:

If you’re searching elsewhere, remember this info:

Model: 96577
Item: 65008


I just scored three MIS packs for $26.81/pack at the Elizabethtown, KY Sam’s Club! There were three 50-packs left (all MIS). I would have purchased them all but my Sam’s Club budget was already stretched. I had just come from Best Buy where they had MII 20-packs for $40.99.

It’s funny…you can always tell shoppers who are in the know because the first thing we do when picking up Verbatim media is look for the “Made in…” line on the label. You either see a smile or a “D*MN” gesture.

My wife once asked me why I do that and I said “you don’t want to know”. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss, especially when you are extremely OCD like I am. I used to point out defective LCD pixels when using someone’s system but after a few people tried to choke me for pointing out something that they were ignorant of and now cannot ignore, I stopped.



UPDATE: Went back (Elizabethtown, KY Sam’s Club) today and they had one pack left priced at $24.11! It was MIS so I couldn’t resist. ~$0.48/disc for Verbatim MKM 001 – man what a deal! I’m afraid we won’t be seeing these back this cheap at Sam’s Club (or anywhere).