Verbatim DVD+R DL 3-pack $15.92 shipped

I don’t know how long it will be valid but has a pretty nice deal on the DL Verbatim’s right now. 3-pack for $15.92 out the door.

Price changed a bit to 16.79 shipped but still good price

I was considering ordering them but doesn’t have the greatest ratings. So I just bought the over-priced ones that were available at BB.

I know that rating is not that great, but I’ve been their customers for over 5 years (however not to many purchases and usually cheap ones) and no problems yet. The last time I ordered SiI RAID IDE controller card it doesnt work nicely in my pc and they gave me full refund including prepaid shipping label. Not to bad, considering newegg 15% restocking fee plus shipping.

3 pack of Verb DLs is $17.49+tax right now at Best Buy.


I have a question for anybody that may care to reply.

I haven’t bought any DL discs yet, and I would like to know what people that are buying these DL discs use them for and what they believe is their attraction that justifies their steep prices.

I know it is idle curiosity, but I may gain some insight into this matter.

I currently use mostly T02s. :slight_smile:

i have bought 6 total. the first 3 i used to backup The Office Season 1, Taxi Driver and Big Fish. the 3 i have now i haven’t used and am waiting until i need to backup a high bit-rate, FX laden, DTS soundtracked, 5 star quality film that i neither want to transcode nor split to 2 SL discs just to maintain quality.


That sounds like an interesting use of them.

i totally agree with you that it’s very difficult to justify the price of DL blanks right now…but having Best Buy gift cards eases that pain a bit :wink:

splitting to 2 discs to maintain 100% quality is my modus operandi, especially considering i have about 750 SL blanks for an avg price of $0.45 a piece (all TYT02/G02, MCC003/4, TTG02, CMCMAGE01)

I like the disc splitting and 100% quality idea for long movies.

You have a lot of discs to last you a while, for sure.

it’s my preferred method as SL media is cheap enough to use 2 discs even if the second isn’t 4480mb (btw i use either DVDFab Free Version or Intervideo DVDCopy3 to split).

i do have a lot and the scary thing is i think i’m headed to Best Buy now to grab some Verbatims on sale. i think i have a problem :wink:


Yes, but the problem ( buying more discs ) is widespread amongst us. :wink:

I have found myself checking prices online for DVD media at the major B&M retailers on Saturday night to see what my shopping schedule is going to be on Sunday. I feel compelled to buy at least one -DVD pack and +DVD pack every Sunday. I’m running out of space to store it, but the quest continues.

If this is supposed to be a new economy, how come they still want my old fashioned money? /.

2 x 25pk of Verb 16X +Rs, $11.99 on sale at Best Buy, price-matched 110% at Circuit City for a final price each of $9.79 :bigsmile:

1 x 50pk of Verb 52X CD-Rs, $13.99 on sale at Best Buy, price-matched 110% at Circuit City for a final price of $13.39 :bigsmile:

i may not need them, but at least i got a good deal on them :o :smiley:

Who ever did your 110% pricematch needs to take a math class. :bigsmile:

it’s me that needs the math class. the 16X +Rs were $9.69 (my bad but i was only off by 10 cents). $34.99/25pk spindle was what they rung up as at CC.

the CD-R price is correct…

You got a better deal since the DVDs should have been $10.79 a spindle with the 110% guarantee. The CDs should have been $12.59 though after pricematch.

isn’t it 110% of the difference? if so, the prices are correct as i stated them.

edit: didn’t state that the Verb 52X CD-Rs rung up as 19.99 at CC. 110% of $6 is 6.60. 19.99-6.60 = 13.39

110% of $23 is 25.30…34.99-25.30=9.69.

Oh yeah. I forgot it was on the difference.

:stuck_out_tongue: :wink: i knew i went to school for something or other…