Verbatim DVD+R DL 2.4x MKM001

I just bought a Lite-on burber LH-20A1H and found that it is extremely good in burning Verbatim DVD+R DL 2.4x MKM001 media.

Here’s the result. Almost perfect O_O; Anyone notice?

Have anyone tried this burner on SONY DVD+R DL Media? There is promotion for that at BESTBUY, pretty cheap.

If someone bought that and tested the media quality. Please post it here. Thanks.

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Is it possible for you to use cdspeed and do a scan with jitter?

Also, what speed did you burn that at? It does seem to be a good burn :slight_smile:

If the Sony is Made in Singapore, then it’s very good MKM media :slight_smile:
If it’s Made in Taiwan, it is Ritek and I’m not sure whether burners like these (I seriously doubt that they do…)

I burned that at 2x speed.

I will check the media quality using Nero cdspeed today and post the result later.

Right now I am testing the TDK DVD-R media model ID: AM3. It seems burning 16x is better than 8x, right now I am comparing burning between 16x, 4x and 2x,

I tried with CDspeed and the result is really weird. Why is the Opening few sec have higher PIF but after that it seems pretty good.

The Max PI error is only 14 Average 1.78 Total is only 51364

PIF 9 Average 0. Total is only 822.

I have no idea why CDspeed CDQuality = 57 though :frowning:

Any though?

The Quality Score is calculated only from the maximum PIF value which in this case is 9.

(Well, the calculation depends on the scanning interval and on POF for drives that report POF).

Is there something wrong with my New burner? It seems to have very high PIF(9 instead of 2 MAX in the whole process) at the 1-2 seconds when starting the quality test so as PI errors.

Or its the Cdspeed’s bug?

I am kinda frustated with the result on cdspeed so I took some changes on the speed to 4x instead of 8x.

Now, the quality Jump from 57 to 95.

The quality scan using 4x almost like the one scanned with 8x, the only different is the quality reading on the “1st”.

I really don’t think the scan using 8x which give score of 57 is accurate at all.

Any Thought? Should I RMA my new drive or its cdspeed’s bug?

I tried the DVD+R DL burned by Lite-On SOHW-1635S 16x DVD±RW and did the quality test on my Lite-On 20A1H using 8x and look at the result.

0 Quality O_o; ? lol That’s ridiculous.

I rerun the test using 4x speed and it jump from 0 quality to 95 quality.

I think my new burner doesn’t read well for the 1st second running at 8x on cdspeed.

Anyone know if these are found in the US? Or just overseas?

Not sure, I plan to go bestbuy to check whether it is made from this weekend. If its made in singapore, I will buy that. It’s only 29.99 for 25 disc(I think for this week only).

I have a BenQ DW-1650 that did that every now and then on discs… if I cycled the tray and rescanned, the huge initial PIF spike wouldn’t be there the second time. Another 1650 couldn’t find the initial spike, and neither could a Litey 811s. YMMV, but I suspect that spike might not exist.

My LiteOn 20A1P do this also when scanning @8X so I stick with 4X scanning which gives me similar results to Benq 1640 scans .

It is good to know that new LiteOns are good (very good actually) DL burners :clap:

The spike at the beginning looks familiar. As others have said, a rescan or reload will often eliminate it.

It seems my Liteys have a hard time getting the speed right at the beginning of a scan.

Another thing I sometimes see at the beginning is abnormally high (40 - 100) PIEs at the beginning that taper down quickly to 10 or less. A reload or rescan can sometimes eliminate this.

The next time I see the spike, I’ll try to remember to do a test. It might be interesting to see what happens if I start the scan beyond the place where the spike is seen. If it’s an initial speed problem, I might see a new spike appear.

I tried to rescan few times, it doesn’t work. The only solution is to scan it at 4x :smiley:

I will try to update the firmware to LL07(only LL06 on America website) and see. LL07 have the same release date as LL06. Seems weird to me

I see that high spike every once in a while it is mostly caused on my drive when the green lite on
the front doesn’t go out quick enough or not at all after the spin up. If I reload and the green lite
goes right out like it is supposed to do the high spike is gone and it doesn’t make any difference at
what speed it is scanned at 4x or 8x if the green lite stays on I get that ridiculously high spike at the
beginning of the disc so (lite stays on = bad scan lite goes off = good scan.) :wink:

The high spike is gone after I update the firmware to LL07. Cheers