Verbatim DVD+R DL 2.4X and Pioneer 110D?

I need some more DL DVD to use in my PIONEER 110D, and saw a good deal over at JPL:

What’s worrying is the 2.4x claim. I’d rather pay the same price for 10 jewel-cased Verbatims if I can keep up the 6x burning. Has anyone before me taken up JPL on this deal? Can the 110D burn these any faster?


I would not hesitate to buy these if you need white inkjet printables. These MID MKM001 discs should burn @ 6x in your PIONEER 110D. I personally burn mine @ 4X using IMGBurn or Sonic Record Now and have never had a problem.

They’ll burn at 8x if you want, but 6x is a good choice for an 2.4x rated DL media.