Verbatim DVD+R DL 2.4x/8x



I would like to back up some XBOX 360 games. For that I am planning to use a set of Verbatim DVD+R DL disks, because I read they are mostly of good quality.

I read it’s best to burn the iso’s for a XBOX 360 at 2.4x, is that correct?

Besides that, I noticed there are two types of Verbatim DVD+R DL media. The 2.4x and 8x types. Which one one is the best pick (no price difference)?

If I would pick the 8x type, would it still be possible/neccessairy to burn at 2.4x?

Thanks for your help.



Make sure they are ‘Made in Singapore’ instead of India…



Goede Dag :)[QUOTE=Essau;2136353]Which one one is the best pick (no price difference)?[/quote]Either is fine. But the @8X rated has the advantage to burn faster in drives that don’t let you overspeed the @2.4X rated one. :slight_smile:

If I would pick the 8x type, would it still be possible/neccessairy to burn at 2.4x?
Not in the least, not even for the @2.4X rated ones. :disagree: Long story made short, the “burn at the slowest speed for compatibility” is an entirely outdated info at best, and an Internet myth at worse. Unless you have a very old burner from the first wave of DL discs and burners.
BTW, mentioning your burner would be a good idea. :wink:


Oh, thanks.

I owe a Samsung SH-S223F, what speed should I burn Verbatim DVD+R DL 8x media to remain fully compatible with the xbox 360?


[QUOTE=Essau;2136387]I owe a Samsung SH-S223F[/QUOTE]:doh: :doh: I can’t help much. This burner is fairly new and from the limited info I’ve been exposed to, it doesn’t look so hot. :frowning:

So no idea if it can cope with DL properly and at what speeds. You’ll have to visit the Samsung sub-forum and ask there, you’ll get more usable help.

Considering the price of burners these days, and the importance of performing good quality burns specially with DL, may I suggest you invest in a Pioneer burner (any recent model - they’re all excellent DVDR burners) or an Optiarc 72XX burner.