Verbatim DVD+R DL 10pk $19.99


Shipping to my area came to $4.98. So to my knowledge this is the best deal on dual layer media yet.

awesome deal…thanks for the heads up…looks like a trip to BB is in order tomorrow :iagree:

It says avalable for pickup in most stores so no shipping either.

thanks, I ordered 5 spindle for instore pickup since I live one block away from Bestbuy, now it is time to clear up my hard drive with those discs. I have so many movies on my HDD that I did not want to strip the quality.

The site states that there is a quantity limit of two. How did you get 5?

“10-Pack DVD+R DL Double-Layer Disc Spindle has a quantity limit of 2 per order. Please enter a new quantity for this item.”


WOW !!!
Finally down to $2.00 each…
Let’s see if BB delivers…

Wow…I got them with free shipping…I dont know how, but when I went to the site it says free shipping…Came out to 21.46 for a 10 pack…GREAT DEAL…

I’m in for four.

If you want more than two, just buy them two at a time. I did mine for pickup at two different stores…one by my house and one by work.

I just signed up / paid for an in-store pick-up for 2 boxes. To think I just ponied up $34 plus tax just a few days ago at Newegg for one box of these. Oh well, at least this deal will “offset” the price for all 30 disks. :iagree:

Just got the EMail…
Ready for pickup…
Total Cost $20.99 for 10…

For whatever reason, I can’t get to the Checkout screen. Tried last night too. Sigh.

I just went to a local BB and bought a couple of these. I didn’t realize that this was an online only offer, but Customer Service matched the price.

some of those bestbuy online offers are for on line only. you will have to go to customer service and have the match the price…

order 3 times for quantity of 2, 2, and 1

I also got free shipping for my order because the store I chose for instore pickup are out of stock. Here is the Email:
"The item you ordered is not available for pickup at the ORANGE CA Best Buy store #947.

We need to hear from you
Call us toll-free at 1-888-BEST BUY (1-888-237-8289) to check product availability at a different store or to have the item shipped directly to you via free ground shipping. Please contact us within 8 days to avoid cancellation of your order. For faster service, tell us the order number when you contact us.

Item details are listed below.

Thank You.
Best Buy Customer Care"

So I contacted the customer care and they processed the item for shipping for free.

They wouldn’t match the price at my local BB. They wanted around 60 per 10 pack. For some reason I couldn’t do in store pickup unless I drove to a store 40 miles away even though they had plenty on the shelves at my nearest store. I ordered online and will have it shipped.

sorry to hear that you have to pay for shipping. When I choose the store for pickup, it gave me 2 stores and the status for both stores were “unavailable” but I checked one anyway, as the result they will ship the item for free.

Last month I bought this was $39.99 after $30 MIR, I defenitely going to pricematch, or return and re-buy. Save me 20 bucks! Thanks for the heads up!!!

Zevia, what drive do you recommend for dual layer burning (verbatim)? I saw the scan on the Pioneer 110 and it looks pretty good, but I dont have that drive yet. I have benQ 1620, 1640, NEC 3500, and LG 4163

The 1640 burns MKM001 @8x OK, with PIF errors just touching the limits. I see some people burns @4x and 6x with OK results.

The LG 4163 burns MKM001 only at 4x but with very good to excellent result.

I don’t have any experience burning MKM001 with 1620 or 3500 but you can refer to cdfreaks’ reviews ( or the forums.

I am also comfortable burning with 716A @6x with very good to excellent results.