Verbatim DVD+R DL 10 pk for 19.99 at Best Buy

Noticed on ripit’s scanned ads for tomorrow’s Best Buy ads is Verbatim +R DL 10 pk for 19.99. If you missed out on OM’s deal, here’s your chance to grab one these excellent DL media. Man, these sales are now a regular occurance in these stores. I like it! :smiley:

On sale at Microcenters too if you have one near by.

Seeing how we haven’t had a weekend this year where they haven’t been available for 19.99 somewhere, I have the feeling these are going to 19.99 permanently soon.

i cant wait till they release a 25pk spindle or even a 50pk. a guy can dream cant he?

When I was at best buy on Friday (pricematching the OM 19.99 sale), they did have some 25pk spindles of these, but they didn’t have a price on the shelf.

I saw in my local BB the 20 pk spindle of the Verb +R DL for regular price of $79.95. So when BB starts putting it on sale expect it to about $40 or less.

BB has Memorex DL in the 50 packs, 25 and 15 as well. Of course the 50 pack sells for over a $100 and the 25 clocks it at about $80. Still, I trust Memorex better than Verbatum. What is the quality of Verbatum’s DL discs?

:disagree: :confused:

memorex OVER VERB?!?!?!

memorex DL are ritek

verb dl are MKM

this isn’t even a matter of preference. most people won’t even look at memorex.

Please enlighten me![B]

those are the media ID codes.

brands do not MAKE their media. the buy from manufacturers. Part of the reason that Memorex EVERYTHING is on sale every week is because they pretty much buy from whomever is cheapest without regard for quality control.

you can get VERY variable results from memorex media and the manufacturer may change in an instant and there’s no way of telling until you open the package.

you can find the media ID of your discs in the disc info tab of nero cd-dvd speed.

for SL media, genuine Taiyo Yuden (YUDEN and TYG media IDs) and Verbatim discs (almost ALWAYS MCC) are the highest regarded.

for DL media, pretty much the only option for quality media is Verbatim (MKM).

brands have NO bearing on what’s inside the package…it’s all about the manufacturer’s that the brand buys from.

Even people who get acceptable results from Ritek DL media will admit that Verbatim are still the superior quality choice.

out of curiousity, why the heck would you say you trust Memorex media? Across the board, they are some of the least trustworthy and least predictable media on the market…

I don’t know that Memorex are among the least trustworthy and predicatable on the market. Princo and the latest Ritek discs definitely take the award for that. While it is true that some Memorex batches (with the exception of D/L which is exclusively Ritek) are Ritek, you can also get Prodisc or CMC Mag. None of these are outstanding for quality, but CMC isn’t bad if you have the right burner/firmware configuration. Once again, I am NOT condoning buying Memorex media, but there are a number of single layer batches that they produce that are of significantly higher quality than Princo or Ritek. That being said, I wouldn’t recommend buying them for the reasons that you listed. You never know what manufacturer you are going to end up with and what kind of quality to expect from batch to batch. D/L is no contest VERBATIM WINS, HANDS DOWN!!! Ritek has very poor firmware support for D/L media.

Jesterrace, i changed my post right before you posted to say “some of” the least predictable and trustworthy because I realized how harsh I was being by putting them below princos haha.

but i will say they are definitely THE least predictable and I think this is more dangerous than just being poor media. someone might get a good spindle with a “good” media ID and then become a loyal customer even when they start getting crap media without knowing it. They’ll start blaming their hardware because they’re using the “same media” they alwas have and end up spending a lot of money to troubleshoot a problem that originates from Memorex having piss poor quality control and consistency.

I have had good luck with their media thus far, didn’t know about the info you shared with me, thanx ever so much…I buy them for name recognition and price. Really just learning about Quality diffrences.

wow really i have only seen the 3pks and the 10pks…even on the verbatim website it only lists 3pks and 10 pks.

yea i used to buy memorex all the time, but now when it comes to DUAL LAYER i will ONLY buy verbatim.

Best Buy has 20pk spindles of MKM001s in addition to their 10pks and 3pks (jewel cased)…

i just picked up another 10pk of MKM001 for the $19.99 sale price today…but passed on the 5pk (jewel cased) MKM003s cause they were $24.99 ($5 per disc…not worth it)…

i went yesterday and picked up 2 pks of ten but i didnt see any mkm003 or 20 pks of mkm001. i guess certain stores have them and some don’t. but its cool to know they exist. more than 10 per spindle sounds nice.

[COLOR=DarkRed]Can someone explain where to find these codes that indicate the discs type/quality on the package? I am trying to learn how to get the better discs. Any help is greatly appreciated.[/COLOR]

whizzkid58, you won’t usually find the media id on the package anywhere. My advice is to spend some time in the media forum here at CDFreaks and you will pick up on what media people are having good luck with… what media works well on what model burners, etc… Also, I’ve never used it much… but there is also a media section over at that might help you.

BTW… for DL media I’d stick with Verbatim.

You have to do your own home work as above poster suggested read and do reaserch on these forums about others exeriences with different media you can also read about media on the follwoing forum