Verbatim dvd +r dl (10 pac) $34.99 @ bb

was at my bb last night, not as good as the staples dl price. but nice to see prices are dropping. so if you’ve been eating plenty of mc d’s, you can take your bb bucks and drop the price.

This price ($35 per 10-pack) had been effective at Microcenter for some months.

$29.99 per 10 pack at Rima (plus shipping). I just noticed yesterday when I was ordering some TY.

The $19.99 Best Buy deal a couple of weeks ago was the lowest Verbatim DL price I’ve seen although it didn’t last long.


$30 - $35 is the common everyday price now… Best Buy’s price is only average. also started stocking the 10-pack @ $29.99. The good part about Amazon is that shipping is free, and most people don’t have to pay sales tax.

newegg is also in on the deal.