Verbatim DVD-R 8x (TYG02)?



i have just received these dvds - VERBATIM DVD-R 8x (25 spindle), spindle says “made in japan”. number on dvd - nb526a508131gg :doh:. my question is, are these discs real TY :bow: ?

0000 : 01 40 c1 fd 9e d8 52 00 02 87 0d 10 66 78 80 00 .@…R…fx…
0010 : 03 54 59 47 30 32 00 00 04 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 .TYG02…
0020 : 05 aa a2 22 22 20 02 00 06 08 0e 11 87 78 80 00 …"" …x…
0030 : 07 88 80 00 00 00 00 00 08 06 13 0d 10 0e 07 00 …
0040 : 09 97 07 0d 0b 78 88 00 0a 80 00 00 00 00 10 00 …x…
0050 : 0b 06 18 17 85 78 75 00 0c d6 89 a8 92 01 20 00 …xu… .
0060 : 0d 10 00 d0 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 …

thanks for reply :flower:


Yes… they are. You must have to have Verbatim Pastel 8x DVD-R because they are (almost?) always real TY.


i know that verbatim pastel discs are TY, but these look like regular verbatim discs (only different font) - this is what makes me confused :confused:. when i get home, i will post some picture

thanks anyway


[QUOTE=sonoluca]i have just received these dvds - VERBATIM DVD-R 8x (25 spindle), spindle says “made in japan”. number on dvd - nb526a508131gg QUOTE]
I’d say they are real TY’s. I have fuji 8x TY’s and they have the following serial number xh414e04414gg.
They will also have an outer serial number starting with GGXXXXXX


If they’re Verbatim branded discs and made in Japan they are TY (since all Japanese made Verbs are TY). :slight_smile:


looks like i´m happy guy, especially when i compare prices of dvds here in czech republic :smiley:



It would have to be. Verbatim/Mitsubishi does not have a factory in Japan.


MKM does have a factory in Japan, but not for CD/DVD production. I think it makes magnetic media like MO and is currently focused on Blu-Ray/HD DVD.


Interesting… If it’s real TY, it’ll have a serial starting with GD or GG on the inner ring, right around where it goes from the clear center to purple.


Check the numbers.
There have been reports of Fake verbatim pastel/colour disc’s showeing up in china with fake TYG02 code.

On the other hands the stuff you have could be real.
MKM seems to have switched to fast to 16x. And why the market is still asking 8x media from Verbatim fact is that MKM and quite some of the partners hardly produce 8x media anymore and do not have a large stock left.

So Verbatim could do things:
1 sell no and try stores/consumers to move to 16x media the hard way.
2 Or slightly try to fix the demands with A-grade disc’s from there partners. So that will probally be CMC and TY coded disc’s.
We’ve allready seen the pearl white CMC disc’s so why not a new TY disc to fix the current demands.


I believe Mitsubishi does make a very small amount of MCC media in Japan for development of new disc types and engineering samples.
This stuff shouldn’t make it to the public though.


Circuit City has had 8x Verbatim in packs of 5 individual Jewel Cases of 8x Verbs Made in Japan Media Code MCC-003 and MCC02ORG20


I stand corrected. Interesting. Wonder how the quality of that compares with the same MID stuff made in their Singapore factory and the Prodisc/CMC stuff.


They do but what they make themselves in Japan and release to the public is sold under the Mitsubishi brand label (rarely seen in most countries) rather than as Verbatim.


There are counterfeit Verbatim -R DVD in EU, just be aware:


I’ve received some engineering samples of new media types manufactured in Japan, labeled with both Mitsubishi and Verbatim on top.


I’ve gotten some TY Verbs in 10 pack JC in the past, with AZO marking etc, looks just like a regular Verb, but with TYG01 MID. Never seen it in spindles though. Going to be interesting seeing scans of these.



The only way to tell if the disc is genuine or fake is to check the serial no. around the inner ring as tehGrue mentioned in post #9. They can fake the MID, but so far they didn’t fake those serial nos. All the cake boxes and MIJ labels mean nothing if the serial nos. don’t match.
Btw, expect to see more fake name brand media in East Europe, if they are not yet there already.


i will post all serial no. when i get home. unfortunately i don´t have any drive to do QS :(. i can only tell you, if it is fake… it´s well made fake :eek:


these are 2 more numbers GG000103 and 1001, so it seems like real TY