Verbatim DVD-R 8x Photo MCC02RG20 and Pioneer A09?


I would like to know if someone tested the Verbatim DVD-R 8x Photo Printable MCC 02RG20 (rev 1.0) with the new Pioneer A09 and have some quality scans?
I don’t care about the 12x but only for quality at standard 8x.I know that the A06 for example have problems burning these dvd’s 8x at 4x (I mean that it’s possible to burn them at 4x but they result of poor quality).
The A09 change again the writing strategy against the A08 even on 8x media, so as I said before I would like to know if now the situation it’s the same and the “old” Verbatim 8x rev 1.0 can’t be used with new A09, because in the new compatibilty media list posted here for the A09 they said 8x dvdr’s ver 2.0 rev 2.0 :S
Someone checked these Verbatim MCC02RG20 disks at 8x with some media analyzer software for check if there are differences in quality against the A08.

Many thanks for the help