Verbatim DVD+R 8x only burn at 4x on DRU-700A

I bought two 10-packs of Verbatim disks at Best buy last week because they include a DVD+R DL disk. The 9 other disks are eight DVD+R 8x and one DVD+RW 4x.

Unfortunately, the DVD+R disks from that package (MCC03) burn at 4x only. This appears to be a known problem to Sony in the current VY02 firmware. I don’t see any new firmware on the Sony page.

Is there any solution for this ? Perhaps a Lite-on firmware update that can be successfully applied to the Sony drive ?

Yep, you’re right; it is a bug in the firmware. My recommendation is to flash your 700A to a real LiteOn firmware. If you visit the firmwares page on my site, you can find a stock version of VS04 (since your drive is a 700A, use the stock version from my website and not from the official LiteOn website for this first 700A->832S flash… you can use the stock version from the official LiteOn website for any subsequent 832S firmware flashes after this first one). This should solve your problem. :slight_smile:

Or better yet, grab the new official VY05 firmware from Sony (finally… no more need to tell people to use LiteOn firmware to avoid the buggy VY02!)… there’s a thread about it in the LiteOn forum.

Argh! I applied the Lite-on 832 firmware from your page yesterday. It had solved the problem - I have an 8x verbatim disc burning as I type.

I presume if I try to install the official Sony firmware, I won’t be able to, now that I have a Lite-on firmware installed ?

You can go back. :slight_smile: All you need to do is to FlashFix the official Sony flasher. Unfortunately, the FlashFix tool doesn’t work… but there is another way… first, unzip the official Sony package (it’s currently a self-extracting zip file). Once it’s unzipped, open the flasher found inside with the OmniPatcher. And then save it (no need to change anything or check any boxes). This will automatically FlashFix the official Sony flasher, and will allow you to load the official VY05 firmware into your drive.

Thanks, Code64K . I’ll think about that.
Is there any reason why I would want to go back to the Sony firmware though, other than warranty issues ? It seems Sony is always behind vs Lite-On .