Verbatim DVD+R 8x made in India



At a computer fair yesterday, I found some Verbatim DVD+R 8x media made in india, i didn’t know there are such media…

many other stands sold same brand but made in Taiwan or Singapore, i got some of taiwan (cakebox of 25 for 13 Euro), really really really cheap compared to the normal shops that sell same cakebox for 50 euro…


Go back and get the ones made in Singapore.


The ones made in India are made by Moser Baer. They are worse compared to the ones made in Singapore (best) or Taiwan (good).


I recently bought two spindles of MCC003 made in India and these definitely rock @ 8x on my Plex 716A and my BenQ 1620 …

First scan is a Plextor burn, second a BenQ burn … both at the rated speed of 8x …


so, those made in singapore are the best MCC media?


Not necessarily … but Singapore is MCC’s premier production facility (which does not mean a lot since we face fluctuating media quality every day (and even a premier production plant can produce crap) … I am totally happy with using these discs that have been made in India …


Singapore MCC media is all but gone from the US market :frowning: Get some while you can, lucky dog!


Got myself a couple of 25 packs of made in india verbs heres a couple of scans

Burned in Pioneer 108 @ 8x FW 1.19


By all accounts, MBI make better plus media than minus. Still, I would stick to made in Singapore and even Taiwan media before MBI.


Are the Verbatim DVDs e-net free? :smiley:


I’ve had real good scans and play on set top players with the Made in India +R media. Much better than Fuji brand TYs using NEC and Benq drives.


Do you Know about quality, if MBI’s Dye lasts than TY ?


I agree .MCC’s Singapore quality test is direct in production (as own the factory) not under supervisor in all other production lines.


No, but I’ll let you know in 50 years or so. I’ll put 1 of each aside and date them. :bigsmile:


Don’t go so far . Make full data DVD,try store them in jewel case,put each other near window’s smooth normal direct sunlight ,and use the DVD’s every day in your computer -After one year will see the big differences in reading quality.


what about verbatim digital m ovie made in taiwan are they good?