Verbatim DVD+R 8X $22.99 for 100 after rebate at



Rebates suck, but a $25 rebate!!!

Not as good as BB (earlier posts) but I went to my local BB and couldn’t get any discount on the 8X Verbs.


my $25 rebate came in quick from last time bought at newegg. anyone know if i can buy another one 100 pack and still get another rebate?

what is the MID on the Verbatim DVD+R? on DVD-R 8x it was like MRG020 or something.

is this decent? BenQ DVD-r 8x for $28.00 +s/h


The way I see it the bigger the rebate the more incentive for them to not give it to you.


I really don’t know about that. I got a $30 rebate check from Verbatim the other day for their 8x DVD+R 100 spindle I purchased about a month ago from Newegg. Granted rebates take some time to recieve, but as long as you follow the rebate instructions, you should recieve the rebate.


as a rule - i am anti-rebate shopping when there are other choices.


I have received multiple rebates on the same item within different rebate periods but some users have reported Verbatim has a limit and gave them grief. Two or so should not be a problem.

The last time I got these they were MCC 003 made by Prodisc. That seem to be fairly consistent in the 100 stack.

I would go for these over Benq media any time, even with the rebate. Verbatim MCC is at the top of quality.


I haven’t dealt with them but many others. I always follow the instructions to the letter but about half the time I get the check in the mail story. They then will claim they have to cancel the check they originally claimed to send and then I should wait another 6-8 weeks. They are all about delaying.



I personally went for the Shop4Tech Taiyo Yuden deal with 10% off with code GG10 and another 10% off with a referral from the guys over on the Taiyo Yuden thread in this forum - mine came out to less than $.22 each shipped for two 100 piece packages-and did NOT have to pay the extra sales tax and do the “Rebate Shuffel”

Superior media to the Verbatim IMO-