Verbatim DVD-R 8X 100pk $27.99 shipped

Free shipping will probably go away on Monday.

good deal, I love the description:

Verbatim Generic 4.7GB 8X DVD-R 100 Pack Spindle Disc - OEM

+R is $1 cheaper

+R is not cheaper. 4 dollar shipping fee. Whereas -R is free shipping.

Not bad. Too bad I have already stocked up on media.


Says “Generic” - wonder if that means that it is known B or C grade medias? :eek:

Inquiring minds want to know- :iagree:

Kicka$$ price though - especially with free shipping - would be competive with the TY “Value” discs - eh? :clap:


Someone said that they might be Moser Baer or CMC though and not Prodisc or CMC Mag produced MCC. That’s a pretty significant difference in quality so I would personally be careful on this one.

I think you are right. I have been reading posts about how to tell if the 8x Verbs are Made by CMC or MCC. In the serial number on the plastic hub there is a + if its MCC and no + means CMC. Have you ever heard this and is it true.

No the deal is that Prodisc and CMC Magnetics are now producing virtually all of Verbatim’s Taiwanese media. However, they are still using MCC dyes instead of their own (the reason why Verbatim discs are still decent quality as a whole). So the Prodisc produced MCCs have a - or + breaking up their serial numbers (depending on whether the discs are - or + format). The CMC Mag produced MCC Verbatims do not have a break of any kind in their numbers. The problem with these “generic” Verbatims is that they may not be MCC at all. They could be straight up Moser Baer (not likely though if they are made in Taiwan) or CMC Magnetics, no MCC dyes being used. While niether dye is terrible, you could easily find MCC produced Verbatims for just a few dollars more if you just keep an eye on the specials. No point in getting dyes that are average or just a little above average when you can have one of the best for pretty close to the same price. I would like to know some actual media ID codes on these before taking the plunge.

Someone on afterdawn reports the Hub ID on these as ZD1126-DVR-147A

I totally agree. I can buy 16x Verbs at Best Buy once a month for 9.99USD, why take a chance.

any1 emailed or called newegg for media code? If it is MCC 02RG20 then why worry?

Better call them, instead, because they are awful about answering emails (at least they’ve never answered mine.) :eek:

could that also go for the printables.

Sounds like a good deal!

Just received the discs today. It is MCC 02RG20.

is it verbatim brand or a different brand? Because I bought prodisc 8X -R has that code also. So is it Verbatim Branded or clear silver surface?

If you don’t mind me asking, where did you get Prodisc branded disc with that Media Code.

If you don’t mind me asking, where did you get Prodisc branded disc with that Media Code.

Rima used to have some that were, I don’t know if they still do or not.

I think it was these

mine were unbranded prodisc, thermal printable with that code. I am asking if it is verbatim branded.