Verbatim DVD+R 4X ok to burn at 2.4X?


I am looking to get some media and, I have found these Verbatim, that look ok. I was using some super cheap discs, and some of the discs I wrote seemed to be a little jittery in parts on play back, so I thought I would go for some slightly higher quality ones (without breaking the bank), and see if the media is the problem.

Now I am looking at these Verbatim ones, but they are 4X burn only, and I only have a 2.4X drive. On the web site for these discs, it says:
" Important Note: 4x speed DVD+R media is intended for use with 4x writers. Please contact your hardware manufacturer regarding compatibility of your non-4X DVD+R writer with high speed media."

My drive is specifically a NEC DVD+RW ND-5100A in a laptop. Can anyone help me out? Will it be ok to burn these discs at 2.4X? I don’t understand why burning them slightly slower would coaster them.

Edit: The verbatim discs are The Datalife ones? Don’t know if this helps, thanks!


Never tried, but I am sure it is no problem. The comments regarding the use in 4x writers is due to incompatibilities with older writers.

EDIT: Is your drive capable of 4x - if not it may be a problem, but installing the latest firmware will probably do the trick.

Try it and post the results…

The ND-5100A is a 4x DVD+R/RW drive, so MCC 002 should burn at 4x on it. There is also firmware that will turn it into an ND-5500A allowing for DVD-R/RW burning.