Verbatim DVD-R 4x 8x 16x

Who said older drives are better for the 4x media and new ones lack firmware support? Is it just me or does that H22N burn on the 4x verbatim look good?

I agree with Arachne, my only crap 4x media results are from TYG01 on the 4167B.


Memorex DVD+R 4x (CMC MAG F01) burned on my current Plextor PX-712A and my previous PX-712A (RMA’d because of other problems) were variable for me, the crappiest results being PIE max > 600 and PIF max > 40. My NEC ND-3500AG burned these really well every time, however.

That was an important lesson for me that you need more than one burning drive! :iagree:

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I wonder, drage, are all those hooked up via USB or are some retired?

I have 5 dvd drives in play right now :stuck_out_tongue:


Only three are internal, the rest are in enclosures but not all hooked up at the same time.

My media server / burning rig is a small form factor system with room for only two internal burners: BenQ DW1655 and LiteOn SHM-165P6S.

My laptop has the Matshita UJ-840S drive.

I consider the NEC ND-3500AG and the LiteOn SHW-1635S mostly retired as they are very rarely used. The 3500 developed a habit of occasionally making scuff marks on discs, and the 1635S doesn’t really offer anything that the 165P6S doesn’t do at least as good (except the 1635S is a slightly better reader at some speeds but that also makes it a less useful scanner).

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