Verbatim DVD-R 4x 8x 16x

I have had great luck (DVD player compatibility wise) with Verbatim -R 16 MCC 03RG20 so I have just ordered some Verbatim DVD-R 4x MCC 01RG20 to give a try.

Maybe Franksoy can answer this, are these in generally good with longevity and compatibility or should I cancel the order and go with Verbatim -R 8x MCC 02RG20?


:iagree: 01RG20 was the first MID to establish Verbatim’s reputation as superior media for stability. :slight_smile:
Compatibility… :confused: frankly I can’t tell, I haven’t burnt enough of these, only a dozen or so :o - I didn’t test them in a wide range of players.

or should I cancel the order and go with Verbatim -R 8x MCC 02RG20?
I think that’s what I would do, would it only be for the fact that you can burn them faster if you need to.

Sidenote: these days, I prefer the Infiniti-branded MCC discs over the Verbatim-branded, they’re more consistent, if you can get them then no hesitation, they’re great discs. :cool:

Can’t find Infiniti in the US. I will grab the 8x instead then as I can get them hub printable.

I am going to be backing up my newer and future movies to these and Plextor T02’s for safe keeping.

Thanks Franksoy

But 4x Verbatim DVD-R is rare, and I thought you were in love with rare media :wink:

Ah! :bigsmile: Figures! Welcome to the club :flower: (though my own T02 are unbranded - from SVP).

For really really rare, obscure movies that will probably never show up in stores again, or for extremely important data, I add a third backup on CMCMAG E01 to the T02/02RG20 duo, but that’s probably overkill. :slight_smile:

Dang all this peer pressure, I might as well get both :cool:

The proper CDFreaks decision! :iagree: :wink:

Especially since you’re a reviewer :wink:

Yeah, like you need much persuading :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Well you certainly don’t, Arachne :bigsmile:

I heard that :stuck_out_tongue:

We hardly use 4x media anymore in our reviews. :wink:

I just returned 100 MCC003. Should I rebuy them or order MCC 02RG20?
I still have around 15 MCC 02RG20 (memorex branded) should I get more of these?

Well lol, both of those media are actually very good so whichever you pick doesn’t really make a big difference.

Btw, I recently found some MCC01RG20. I got 6 of them. In those 3pk “digital movie” disc packs. They are meant to look like a movie real or something :stuck_out_tongue:

Might as well post some results here:

Only 1 disc burnt so far. Can’t say it’s spectacular. Wondering if I should give my old 106 a shot at these discs or not.

111L @4x

4x scan and a 16x below

For @16X scans, that’s excellent: jitter, PIE levels and PIF density don’t gradually increase near the end, which is a very good sign IMO. I prefer this than extremely low PIE/PIF in a @4X scan with an increase in errors and jitter near the end at higher scanning speeds. :wink:

Absolute PIE values have never been extremely low with MCC -R media in my experience. But who cares when it stays that way for very long. :slight_smile:

True, Franck :slight_smile:

Here’s one I just burnt with the H22N. Backup of a movie @4x. H22N loves all my -R Verbatim at low speeds. MCC001RG20 02RG20 both at 4x and also 03RG20 @8x. All very low jitter and error levels. Seems with my LG that you should burn very slowly (4x or 8x) or very fast (18x) 12 and 16 don’t always give great results.

I know MCC003 and MCC02RG20 are great media. My concern was (is) related to their age: the packs I bought must have been at least 2 years on the shelf, exposed to temperature changes, dust, mishandling, etc.

‘Recently’ I have bought “old” MIJ Fuji 4x and 8X in clearance, and MIJ Maxell 8X, and, like you, I wasn’t impressed… so I was looking for opinions regarding the purchase of media that could be 2-3 years old already.

If the media is sealed in a cake box and stored in a warehouse somewhere, it should still be perfectly fine. A month or so ago, I bought some Sony YUDEN000 T02 media that was made in 2004, and it burns better than any of the new media on the shelves in the US and even the unbranded TY from Rima. My Maxell MAXELL 002 were likewise sitting on the shelf for about two years. I dug through Office Depot’s shelves and found it in the back. They burn very well too.

With that said, I would avoid 4X media now. I don’t think it’s the time degredation so much as the scarcity and, as a result, the lack of firmware support. I don’t think it’s too presumptuous to claim that the strategies for these media are no longer being worked on by current drive manufacturers. Who can blame them, really? Almost no one uses 4X media anymore.

Very true, [I]but[/I] if the 4x media was some known excellent media, then it would still be worth getting as I would hope any true CDfreak would have an older drive which [I]would[/I] have excellent support for such media :slight_smile:

Yup. I have some Maxell-branded YUDEN000 T01 and TYG01, and Sony-branded TYG01 here, and the only burner I have that’s known to give crappy results (on TYG01) is the LG 4167B. :slight_smile: