Verbatim dvd+r 4.7GB advanzed azo+ 16x

It says on pack that dvd is 4.7GB but when i write files to it with nero 6, then it says only 4.489GB can burn to it? :a i cant understand? :doh: can anybody explain, i write now overburned 4.51GB but can i write 4.7GB to them???

thanks :bow:


I suspect that, when DVD makers quote capacities, they use the same trick than hard drive manufacturers, i.e.: they consider 1Gb = 1000 Mb, and 1Mb = 1000Kb., when everybody else considers 1Gb/Mb = 1024Mb/Kb. This allows them to make it sound like their product has more capacity than it really has. In other words: what you see is normal, thereโ€™s nothing wrong.