Verbatim DVD+R 4.7GB 16X Branded 100pk Spindle

im not sure if you guys like the 16x media but here is a dirt cheap deal from free shipping :slight_smile:

This should be MCC 004, which is good media all right, but the price is not “dirt cheap”. My local Sams Club carries these at an everyday price almost exactly the same as this.

If I remember right, Sam’s has them for about $41.00.


$41.63 + $7.14 = $48.77 or

$41.63 + annual membership fee (which i do not choose to pay) or

$39.99 + free shipping + no tax…you choose.

But if you need them today sam’s does have them and they are $39.77.
I know is cheaper but if you need them. :slight_smile: