Verbatim DVD-R 4.7GB 16X Branded 100pk Spindle-$10.71 after MIR, Google Checkout


-$10 Google Checkout
-$16 MIR (11/20-11/27)
Free shipping


The 16x -R I had gotten previously (about 2 weeks ago) from were
MCC 03RG20

Ah but were they Prodisc made or CMC Mag? Makes a big difference for a lot of people. :wink:

Made in taiwan, serial # *-DVR- (Can’t really read the numbers) This is on the white circle adjacent to the clear plastic center. The inner clear inner plastic ring has - for a number. Getting 95 and above for quality scores with a Pioneer 111D with 1.29 firmware.

Is there any : MAPA in the beginning of the serial ? :bigsmile:

They are Prodisc made then. Great quality scores all things considered, but that is a bit of a gamble. What are you getting for your total PIF scores though?

i just grabbed some of these – ordered them yesterday, arrived today. for $10, i figured you can’t go wrong even if half of them turn into coasters. :stuck_out_tongue:

i’m looking at one now, and on that inner circle hardcandy mentioned it says ZD5518-DVR-J47F4. there’s also a longer number on the clear part, but i can’t read it.

i’m new to all this. is there some disc ID program that will give more info? i have DVD Identifier, but the only thing i see that looks meaningful to me is [Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.] on the DVD-R/-RW tab.

okay, i just read the bad news on the prodiscs – wish i had seen that sooner. :rolleyes: that’s what you get for being a n00b. :stuck_out_tongue: although they do seem to burn really well on my NEC.

the good news is that said they made a mistake by offering two rebates on the page, the manufacturer’s rebate for $16 and some other one for $13. they thought that was confusing, so now the manufac’s is still good, but they’re also going to refund $13 to my CC for the other one. so the net cost for the discs ended up to be -$3. :bigsmile: maybe now i’ll just give them away and get some 50 pack 8x +Rs instead. :cool:

I have found that these Prodisc Verbatims burn OK on an LG 4167 at 8X. Any drive at 16X is deadly at the end of the burn so should be avoided. The +R 16X are a better bet.